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    My blog, RADIO DEMAGOGUES, has a clear mission: Expose right-wing radio talkers as the vile hypocrites and venal tools they truly are, while kicking as much sand in their gears as possible. I extensively discuss this mission in my “About Radio Demagogues” section, which is a link to a separate page at the very bottom of my blog.

    Problem is: I don’t think too many people read this because it is at the bottom of the page. They just don’t see it.

    I can think of two ways to move this important text to the top of my home page: 1) Copy the text into a new post, and make it a sticky post so it will always be the first post that shows up when people navigate to my page, or 2) Make it a normal post, and then change the date each day so it always is the first post on the page.

    The second alternative is a possibility because someone in one of the forums once communicated that search engines do not like sticky posts, although I don’t remember why. Indeed, I may be wrong that anyone ever told me this.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this subject? To see what I am talking about, here is a link to my blog: Thanks.

    Mickey Murphy

    The blog I need help with is


    Option 2 is very bad: new date means new URL, so you’ll be creating broken links and 404 (not found) messages every day.

    Sticky is ok but not user-friendly (since your About is very long): it’s better for a visitor to see new content right away instead of having to scroll down to see if there’s any new content.

    Your problem is that the theme you’re using doesn’t have a sidebar, and displays the page tabs below instead of above the posts. Would you consider switching to a different theme?

    If not, I can probably design a code for you that would place an About link in the header area. If you’d like that, where and how would you like it to be?



    Dear panaghiotisadam:

    Thanks for your response. I think I can fix the length problem of the ABOUT RADIO DEMAGOGUES by inserting a MORE break after 2 grafs. This way, people can easily see the next post or two.

    Your comment re changing dates of posts runs directly counter to what the WP happiness engineers advised me. They instructed me to purposely change dates of posts on another blog, these posts having been transferred from my Mickey Murphy blog to my Radio Demagogues blog. They also told me to eliminate the content of the older posts and insert links directing searchers to my RD blog with the transferred posts.

    As far as your designing code for me, I certainly don’t want you to spend time on my behalf. Thanks. I am sure you have better things to do than that. Plus, I am so inept re all things Internet that I would not know what to do with the code if you developed it for me, or even what it would accomplish.

    To see what I am talking about re my old blog and transferred posts, here is the link: You will see the transferred blogs at the very bottom of the page.






    You should consider using a Contact Form for the contact you: that will get your email off the internet and away from the spam bots, it will also give you a bit of insulation from the Reich Wing Bats that can’t stand your site and might be tempted to take some sort of revenge for your truth telling.


    You’re welcome!

    a) Ah yes, didn’t think of the more tag – good idea!

    b) We had discussed the transferring here:
    Both auxclass and I suggested you remove the content from the old posts, but I fail to see why WP staff might have suggested you change the dates too.

    c) Thank you for your kindness, but I specialize in coding so it woudn’t take much time for me. As for you, you would simply paste my code in a text widget and you would have a clickable “About” tab in your header.




    As always, your information is so impressive. Thank you for it. I love your “Reich Wing Bats” expression. If OK with you, I will use it in a future post (and credit you of course). As usual, I am not exactly clear on your suggestion re contract form. Do you mean that I use this form and delete my email address as contact info in my WP profile or in my “About Radio Demagogues” page on my blog? – Mickey


    And thank you for your suggestion re the code. I must think about all of this some more before taking any action. Perhaps I will ask you to develop the code. Is there some service by which I can repay you? I am a professional writer with 43 years experience so that is where I am most useful. – Mickey



    Yes auxclass means means delete the email address and use contact form instead. The reason why is because there are email harvesting spam bots who harvest email addresses for their spam master who then sell it to other spammers.



    The contact form is great — but when I first made mine, I made the mistake of placing it in a widget. A) It looked ugly, and B) I got a huge amount of spam (which Akismet caught and did not forward to my email address, but I still had to go to the “Feedbacks” in the dashboard & delete it). I moved the contact form to a separate page & now have a link to it in my footer & another link to it on my “about” page. So just passing on my experience! (I have gotten no more spam through the contact form since moving it to a separate page.)



    Yes – delete your email address and replace it with the Contact Form – on my site I have the Contact Form on a separate page and just link to that page from anyplace you want to say “contact us”

    Go ahead and use the Reich Wing Bats – sorry I can’t remember who or if I stole if from – might have been Mike Malloy – Sheeple (not sure of the spelling but combine Sheep & People)

    You be welcome for the help and good luck



    ~~ everyone – my day to sort of bring up the rear :) – thanks for adding to my info.

    Hope you are all having a nice day – sun sort of peeked out today for s short time



    Thanks thanks thanks, all, for great info. What a wonderful community! I love “sheeple” and will use this as well, with an auxclass credit, of course, on the first go. In fact, if anything is on Twitter, I am going to do a post right now with these great terms. Mickey



    ~~ auxclass Sun is good. We keep having thunder threatening us with rain, but then nothing happens. But it’s a nice temp in the mid-80s with low humidity, so I’m happy!

    I’ve had many of those “bringing up the rear” sorts of days, so you’re not alone. :)

    @mickey There are a lot of decent folks here — I’m always impressed by the generosity of the volunteers here who take the time to give help to other users. (And, of course, I love discovering blogs like yours! — which I probably wouldn’t have happened upon otherwise.)



    Makes you think there may be hope for the world after all!

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