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    I’m posting to my blog today but have a question: I am putting information from a book no longer in my possesion on my blog. I think I know the title and author but do not have the page numbers. It was taken off of notes I took years ago and not quoted verbatim. Can I use this info or should I not? Is this plagarism? The book is still for sale on Amazon.


    Did you write the book?
    I’d have my ducks in a row if you are going to quote from a book. Many books are online and you can get info you need if you need to quote from them.

    Regarding plagarism, here is info.

    I’d be worried about copyright.


    No, a famous nutritionist wrote the book. I think I’ll click your link but prob leave the info out. The Amazon site had a feature that you could “look inside the book” but that is only Table of Contents, Index, and a short exerpt.

    Thank you


    What I meant to say is I would leave exerpts from her book out of my blog post.


    You can see if you can locate the book here >


    There was “no preview available”. The book is in it’s second edition and is for sale. I could click on the links provided but I’m assuming that the authors of those blogs had the book in front of them.


    You should be OK if you don’t write entire chapters and call them your own. Write excerpts, cite author and title and you should be covered. If someone like the publisher or author complains, take it down.


    No, they aren’t entire chapters, but are the crux of the information that people would buy the book for: which foods heal which ailments. From what I can see, the info I had was taken off of two pages from the book. In my draft I already cited the author and book but that’s it. Hmmm I could risk it, but I’d be sure embarrassed if the author contacted me about it.

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