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  1. Hi,

    I just found the which is a copy my post .

    The plagiarist didn't give his contact data on the blog. On my blog it is written: "forbidden copying', and the author broke copyright laws. What can I do in this matter? I am calling for help!

  2. That blogger will now see a warning when they log in to their blog.
    When they get in touch I will tell them to remove it and mention the word 'copyright'

    If they do not get in touch very soon I suspend the blog.

  3. Okay, thanks for the quickness to respond.

  4. Hi -

    I'm having the same problem with this blog:

    They are copying articles verbatim from

    I posted a comment letting the blogger know, and he/she just ignored it.

    Thanks for your help -


  5. You'll need to contact staff directly so they know about it; the volunteers can't do much more than refer you onto them. Support is closed right now but you can reach staff through the link when it opens in a couple of hours. If you can provide links to the original articles and the posts where your articles have been reproduced, it'd help.

  6. Mark;
    I have another one for you. I am a blogger and I just joined and recently found that it has been copied almost verbatim at

    I'm not sure which came first but I believe that it was Japan Blog List so I am not sure what you can do to help resolve the situation.


  7. atypicallife: the blog you pointed out is not a blog and thus it's out of staff's jurisdiction. perhaps this thread can help you:

  8. I just learned someone is plagiarizing my blog as well. I saw a referral link on my site a few days ago. She used the same template, which she's free to do, however, she also used my image that is
    licensed for use, and stripped off my side bar using quotes, topics, etc. verbatim. Moreover, she took the liberty of using a review done on my site written by Wayne Kaarfalt at Cynopsis Digital, inserted her blog's name and credited it to someone else.

    My site:

    Could someone advise on how she can be stopped.

  9. It appears that both sites are self-hosted so it is nothing can do anything about.

  10. Agreed (waving to tsp). This has nothing to do with It's up to those concerned to approach the we hosts for the offending sites and, if required, to make a formal DMCA complaint

  11. typo: "we hosts" should be "web hosts"

  12. I have been finding other sites that copied and pasted my posts as their own writings. It's been very frustrating. I just found WP blog that plagiarised my newest post. Here's the link to the plagiarised post:

    You can see the difference in posting time and how they just copied and pasted my original post on it. This is my original post:

    What should I do?

  13. P.S. I read timethief's link to file a DMCA's complaint...I don't want to do it at this point, but wonder if WP can do something to suspend the blog of people/organization who plagiarised.

  14. As this blog is hosted by the information at this link is important to you

  15. If the blogs that plagerized you are here at contact wordpress. See this thread and Mark's comments about halfway down on what he needs to see with your complaint:

  16. Thanks for your help, timethief and sacredpath. Sacredpath, I read your legal link, and I also started a legal statement on my blog now. I put it right on the home page and it stays there no matter which post people read. I guess it's ok? It doesn't have to be ON every post I write, right?

    Could somebody take a look for me and see if it makes sense? Thanks a lot! (it's on the top right hand corner)

  17. @angie
    I'm not a lawyer but that looks fine to me.

  18. Sacredpath, thanks! I just submitted my complaint to support since nobody dropped in to reply.

  19. Mark suspended that blog for me...yeah!! Thank you!

  20. @angie
    You are welcome and glad they have been suspended. In the future, it is always best to send the complaint to support since the need a record of the complaint in their system.

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