Plagiarism by One of Many: Hot Sexy Luscious

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    Direct Quote Now Gone. Please Assist:


    Reported in comment. 4/3/2014
    Several hours later, my comment is gone but my story is not.

    “You have stolen my work and are in violation of the DMCA. Please remove this story and any others you have wrongfully taken.

    Here is my copyright:



    These issues are not dealt with here on the public support forums. They are dealt with via appropriate notices delivered to Terms of Service Staff.

    Please read and act on:



    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this issue.

    From your post, however, I’m not clear on who is claiming copyright infringement. If you are claiming someone else has infringed on your copyright, you can file a DMCA notice as linked by timethief.

    If someone else is claiming you are using their content, you can disregard it unless and until you receive a DMCA notice from At that time, you can file a counter-notice if you do own the content, and they will be liable for filing a false notice.

    At any rate, we cannot address the specifics of this in the public forums. I have also redacted the personal information and other website information from your post.

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