plagiarism, stolen work, posted in Italian

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    My work published in English at has been stolen and published by an Italian writer blogging on
    I have been told that this person regularly steals others work and posts without attribution. How does handle this issue?
    I also have a blog on WordPress. What is standard procedure? I shouldn’t think WordPress would want to host this person or others who steal intellectual property.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please see here for a step by step process > Content Theft – What to Do >
    See also > Prevent Content Theft >


    Here we go again with a false claim of intellectual property. Sharon’s article is a rewrite of one published by Woman’s Day magazine. She even posts pictures of the magazine pages! It isn’t her property in the first place, it’s theirs, so she has little reason to complain when another person “steals” her already “stolen” material – which by the way DOES attribute her article, if you look immediately below the picture.



    Good grief!


    LOL- I know. Here you were just trying to be all helpful like the sweetheart you are.



    Thanks Mikey :) I’m going to take a lunch break now. It seems like I may need one.


    Well, the name and the link that doesn’t work is ALL NEW.
    As of today and an email to her. And my words are my words, not a reprint of a Woman’s Day article. The pattern and photos, published before 1977 with unrenewed copyright, I reposted.



    “Unrenewed copyright?” I think you misunderstand: written material is copyrighted for 100 years after its creation, whether or not they keep posting “copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, etc, etc”.

    The material is still under copyright.

    It is unlikely that, unless Womens Day presses the issue, you have a legal claim.



    Same goes for photos:

    “The photographer is the owner of every photo that they have taken. Even if two people take an identical photograph, each photographer will own their own photograph. This includes popular tourist attractions which have their pictures taken several thousand times per day, the photographs may not be terribly unique, but each photo taken is still the property of it’s photographer. The term of the copyright is from the time the photo was taken until the remainder of the year you die, plus 50 years.”

    Bloggers’ Legal Guide


    Grazie, have heard much today, not all of which I agree with, but in the end, contact with the blog’s owner is best and maybe something which should be suggested before everyone gets all hot, bothered and all-knowing.

    BTW, copyrights WERE RENEWED by McCall’s Needlework magazines in 1990’s for magazines published before 1977. Check the Library of Congress,

    Signing out



    It’s not going to help you.


    thank you

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