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    I had a problem!
    Recently I have found a page with a copy of one of my works!
    This page allows free download of it bypassing my blog.
    I have already sent an angry letter to them, but they ignored it. I asked to remove this page.
    What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    That site is not a free hosted blog. You have to use whois to determine the web host in question and send a DMCA to the web host in question. Please here >
    See also >


    Thank you…


    In fact, I gladly accept advice from those who have gone through the fight against the spread of its content online by pirates.



    IMHO you don’t need any advice that isn’t already implicit inn the instructions I linked to. Content theft is common. You need to follow the instructions and send a DMCA takedown notice to the web host. Unless or until you do that nothing is about to change as you have already ignored your first communication.



    Edit: last sentence “you” was meant to be “they”



    Those permalinks that appear to have a words of you blogs download, on that page

    lead to a page that says “File Not Found”.

    Its possible that he/she broke the link to your file. upon your request.


    Yes, probably …
    Just always easier to navigate that you know poorly, when a real person helps you!
    Thank you, anyway!


    This link is broken, but I think the file is still available for downloading.


    They did delete it. So everything seems to be OK now…



    Since you ask about experiences I have had a few.
    what I found out is in some cases the blogger may not understand that have stolen someones context. (especially with all the WEB 2+ video embedding that goes on)

    With that said, honey is better than venom. Almost always a contacting the Web host or blog with a polite and but to-the-point E-mail or message resolves the issue.


    Yeah! Thank you!
    As I think, actualy a letter is what did help me.

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