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  1. I am have taken the responsibilities for the website. My name is in the "team" section as ADMIN. Same and the previous manager. He retired 2 years ago. recently received a notice for renewal for the website. we are trying to figure out what credit card will be invoiced. and to confirm I am the plan owner. unable to figure this out?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there,
    This looks like a thread for one of the amazing Happiness Engineer's to handle for you. I will tag this post with 'modlook' for you in order to garner one of their attention.
    Hang tight and have a good day!

  3. Awe, thanks @tophatt29 :)

    @psrosema, I can confirm you are not the plan owner. The other site user is. If they're getting email reminders for upgrade renewals, they can log in using that email address to manage upgrades.

  4. thank you . Hugh retired in June 2016. what you are saying is he logs in selects manage upgrades then assigns me as plan owner? plan owner setting is in the manage upgrades section?

  5. Sure, he can use these steps to transfer ownership to you:

    If he needs help, have him get in touch.

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