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    My plan was set to renew on March 12, 2019, but I was just charged on February 10, 2019. I planned to cancel my plan before the renewal and did not intend on paying. Why was I charged over a month early?

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, this is actually for (not




    I’ve tried contacting, as suggested in another thread of a similar topic, but received an auto-reply saying that that email account is not monitored and I will not get a response.

    I also found this blog about refunds (, but the instructions do not fit my situation because my account doesn’t show any purchases.


    I tried contacting the email suggested in other forum thread (, but I received an auto-reply stating that that email address is not monitored and I will not get a reply.

    I’ve also found this blog ( explaining how to get a refund for your purchase, but it’s not fitting to my situation because my account does not show that I have any purchases to cancel.


    Hi –

    Did you want to keep your domain, but just cancel the plan? I’m asking about

    Let me know because we’d want to get it restored before it is completely cancelled. Then it will be much harder to regain ownership of it.

    Double check which email you have listed at that’s where the notifications are delivered about renewals. They are processed in advance so folks have time to update payment details before domains get cancelled for lack of payment.

    Write back with any other questions.


    I want to cancel the domain and the plan for

    I received an email about the renewal, which stated that it would be renewed on March 12, but did not include any information about being charged 30 days prior to renewal.

    Please cancel my plan and domain and refund the $66.



    Thanks, I can see you’ve cancelled everything. Note the domain will not be released anytime soon, so if you intend to use it elsewhere please let us know right away so we can get it back for you and help you move it to another host and registrar.

    In the meantime, we were able to go ahead and refund this for you. Cheers :)

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