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    WP complaint ….
    It is 3 weeks since I have problems with the blog and every time you have to seek help from technical support to intervene to remedy the problem.
    Disappear from the first page from the left all the widgets and are posted in the basement.
    please redeiati problem and not return as it happens for 3 weeks. I do not understand why you as always to seek help for the problem to be solved?
    I wonder how you’ll do most of the complaints ???

    The blog I need help with is



    I wonder if you’d like to post this in clearer English or use the forum specific to whatever your first language is, because I can’t figure out the actual technical question here.

    Here are all of your previous threads


    I do not speak English and translate with google I write. Sorry, this forum is the only way to report a technical problem. Every time I have had problems where I wrote resolved.
    If anyone knows a special page for complaints, I’d like to help.



    Thanks … I wrote there
    I hope to solve for all



    @raincoaster: Since when is the French forums the “special page for complaints”?

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