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    Hi WordPress Peeps!

    I am a young writer (highschool age) and I am looking for platforms and ideas to help me grow. I’ve been writing poetry regularly for a little over a year, blogging, and entering a few competitions.

    I would really like to expand: receive feedback from published poets/writers who teach and write poetry regularly and gain experience presenting my work on a solid platform. I am open to suggestions, opportunities, and resources! Thank you for your time!

    The blog I need help with is


    This might be a good place to start:!/read/topic/poetry/

    …you’ll find other poetry blogs, comment on their work, and chances are they’ll come back and comment on yours.



    Also, note that if you wish to receive feedback from writers who teach, the easiest way is to take their classes.



    I suggest that you also comment on other wordpress.COM poetry blogs..

    Spend time on your comments and think about whats in your comment, do NOT spam comment anyone..

    If your comments are well typed out and truly thoughtful, then, surly like-minded people will see the comment and read your stuff..

    Also, read this :) :)



    This may be helpful. Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog
    Take note of the sites my readers linked to in comments as well >

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