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Platial Map Not Working

  1. My Platial map is no longer showing up on my side bar. Was working fine for the last few days.

  2. Hi there,
    When a widget stops functioning it can usually still be seen in your sidebar. I do not see one in yours.
    After changing themes we often have to reposition widgets. Have you changed your theme in any way or css customized it?

    Have you tried going here and repositioning your widgets?
    -> Presentation -> Widgets

  3. Suddenly I see your Platial mapkit in your sidebar and in a size that's so big it's breaking your theme's layout.

  4. Not sure what's going on, I tried to reposition the Platial widget, then the map showed up for a brief while (at a large size). Now it has disappeared again.

  5. It has mysteriously reappeared?

  6. Yes I see it again. When things begin to disappear and reappear it can mean that staff are doing work in the backend that is causing this. As we get no notice at all as to what they are doing I would wait awhile and make no changes at all. If the weird behaviour continues then I would contact staff report the details and request an explanation and/or assistance. You can use the support link on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page or you can use this link to contact staff on weekdays 9-5 PM Pacific time.

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