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    Creating a new Platial Mapkit widget is temporarily broken and will be fixed asap. I will post a new note here just as soon as it is working again and thanks to everyone for their patience!



    please…can I be notified by email: (email redacted)



    cool. I thought I was going crazy.
    Hopefully it will work soon. I hate not updating, since I am always traveling and it lets everyone know where the heck in the world I am.




    Phew! I was already going crazy, too.



    Don’t ever post your email in a forum like that. For one thing, no, nobody will email you with an update. For another, spammers by the hundreds have just copied your email to their mailing lists.




    We just got installing a map on WordPress working again. To get a new map for your blog, you will go to your WordPress dashboard, open the Platial Map Widget control panel, and click on the link there. Platial will give you a number-code to pop into your WordPress control panel.

    If you have a pre-existing map on Platial that you need to install and do not want a fresh new map, you have two choices. One is to wait a little while longer until we have built the option to publish from Platial to WordPress. The other is to get a new map and then move the places one at time from one map to the other. If you have 10 of 20 places, this isn’t a huge chore, but if you have hundreds of Places you might be better off waiting.

    I am here to help if anyone needs it. If you want me to inform you when publishing a pre-existing map to wordpress will be finished, let me know. You can contact me via the feedback form on Platial: . My name is Tracy.



    francurry– did your pre-existing Platial map break in our big site redesign? If so I’d like to have a peek at your blog if possible. The map should have been down for a couple hours Friday and then back to normal. My test maps are all ok, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a bug to be found elsewhere!


    My map disapeared from my blog after moving the widgets around – it took me some hours to come to that point: New Maps could be added easily, but not my old one. iheartmaps: “The other is to get a new map and then move the places one at time from one map to the other.”

    Moving places was’t that easy. But I figured out how to do. At least a technical crisis get’s one involved into the the know-how of an other sites opportunities.

    In order to copy the places you need to enter them on the map on ‘my platial’ and click on ‘Edit Maps’ via the rubric ‘Maps’ in the place description.



    Thanks for posting the how-to, anthroponetworking.

    Long username!

    We’re working on making it possible to put an existing map on wordpress, but it will probably be a couple weeks at least before we manage to get it out.

    Shifting the widgets around can be tricky. I’ve noticed that the mapkit doesn’t like to live under a flickr widget in certain themes, for example. They conflict sometimes.



    I have to admit. I am so bummed about the new Mapkit. It was a widget I really loved because all I do is travel for my job and it was a great thing for people to know where I was at that moment. I have not been able to figure out how to load a map that stays on my blog to show where I am, using this new widget. Perhaps I am just not catching on, but it doesn’t seem to let me just have a one place map. I go through the process of making a place and then when I look at the blog it is still just a map of the world not a map of the place I just created. It is also not accepting my request for a hybrid map, which is the one I prefer. I am just going to remove it for now. Can anyone make any suggestions to me??? I am really disappointed.



    Hi Francurry,

    I just emailed you a reply but wanted to put it here in case someone else is having the same problems.

    I am so sorry that the bugs in the new map are causing all this disappointment for you. I promise you we are working on getting them fixed as fast as we can. We’re still a small team so it can seem like it takes us a long time, but we really are working hard. Both of the problems you mention are known and tracked. The first one only happens in IE7 on maps on blogs. If you look at the map on your blog in firefox, you will see it zoomed in the way it should be.

    The other bug– not being able to get a hybrid map– is also known. It was too difficult to hide the options before launching so we told ourselves we would fix it as soon as possible after the initial deploy. I can email you as soon as both of these issues are fixed and then you will be able to put your map on your blog just the way you want it.

    It’s really a big help to us to hear from people about the frustrations they have as well as the things they love about Platial. If you think of anything else you want to say, I would love to hear from you again.



    well, this is what is going on now. Maybe I just can’t use the mapkit the way I used to. I have typed in the new code, and the map shows of the world shows up. I add a marker ( for instance I am in Chicago right now) and it doesn’t show up.

    I was perfectly happy with the old one. I just want to be able to have people know where the heck I am. I just don’t get it. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

    I know there isn’t another map widget, but you suggest something else I can do??
    my blog is
    thanks for all your help



    I am afraid that the plugin doesn’t work at all, at least not in the German version of It’s the only widget where I can read “add” instead of German “hinzuf├╝gen”, and it never shows up in our blog. Quite frustrating.



    Hi hauschke. I’m going to take a look at your blog, and thanks for the tip about the English word showing up. I’ll try to get that fixed. That is a WordPress-controlled page, though, so we will have to go through them.

    The problem with the widget for you might be something entirely different than being in Germany. It could have something to do with your theme, or with other widgets you are using. Do you remember what the name of the theme you use is?



    Hi again, Francurry. The bug you describe is a strange one. I am about to try to reproduce it right now. We put out a new update to the site yesterday and now it is possible to put an existing map you already created on Platial on your blog. Here is how to do it.

    1. Log on to
    2. Under your map title on your homepage, or in the map header, click on “embed” or “publish.”
    3. Choose the WordPress logo and click next
    4. Copy the code into the widget control panel on WordPress.

    I tested it out yesterday and it worked great!



    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make it work using the Fjords04 theme? The theme is seperated into 4 narrow columns… and my map wont show up so I was wondering if maybe it’s because of the theme?
    – Thanks, Kelsey



    hauschke, not so quikly, not so easy)). (you said: I was already going crazy, too).



    I just tried adding a map and it says the changes were saved, but I don’t see a map. I’ve moved the widgets around, but I still can’t find it.


    Minnemom – I have had the same problem. I’m using the digg 3 theme, somewhat modified, and I added the platial map widget and all I get in my blog is a blank spot. I input the code, saved it, viewed the page and it’s nowhere to be found.

    Is there something with my column widths (I’m using 192px wide)? What do the column widths need to be to accommodate the platial map widget? I have the upgrade so I can change the CSS and make my sidebars wider, but I’m not interested in making them ridiculously wider…

    Any suggestions?



    here to – no maps showing. nice idea though. i’ll try again later

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