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    is there a way to edit a map and modify markers
    doing the typical things such as

    edit description
    move marker
    delete marker
    change icon

    Has anyone found an alternative :-)

    the palatial site is short on support (understatement)
    so I thought I ask here.

    The blog I need help with is



    so I did some more Google searching

    I found these answers
    ( changing icon is in question if it is supported base on other seach I did – has anybody had success?)
    following is direct cut and paste with no edits – ergo verbatim verbatom :-)_

    How do I add a Place?

    using the add a marker tool
    – Click on the Add Places tool in the upper left corner of the map.
    – If the map belongs to you, you can add Places one at a time or by uploading a csv file of up to 5,000 Places.
    – If the map is an open map belonging to another Platial member, you can only add Places to it one at a time.
    – You can add a place by address, you can look up a business or other place by name, or you can search for specific kinds of places (coffee shop in San Francisco, for example).

    using the bubble
    You can add places by using the tool in the upper left corner of the map, or you can use the add Places bubble on the map.

    To use the add places bubble, either drag the marker to the exact location you want on the map and give it a title, or put the title and location into the bubble and send it off to find the right spot. In the bubble you can also add a place by address, look up a business or other place by name, or search for specific kinds of places (coffee shop in San Francisco, for example).

    How do I add an existing Place to a map?

    – Find the Place you want to add and click on its title to open the detail.
    – Click on the “Maps” tool at the top of the form.
    – A list will appear of all of the maps that you have created.
    – Click on the check box next to the title of the map(s) you want, then click “save.”
    I just added a Place and I can’t find it again.

    The most surefire way to find a place that you just added is to go to your homepage. Your recent Places and Posts will be here waiting for you to share!

    You can find all of your Places and Posts by clicking on “see more” on your homepage or by going to your Places from the hover menu under the “Your Homepage” link.

    Can I add Places by latitude and longitude?

    Of course. All you have to do is enter the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees, separated by a comma, like so: 45.525, -122.681.
    What are the Places added by “Geobot”?

    Geobot is a catch-all user who collects Places you find searching Verizon, Yahoo! Local and various pre-added Places. This is often unverified and sometimes commercial data.
    How do I change the title of a Place?

    Click on the title of the place you want to edit in the side bar of your map and then click on the edit tool at the top of the information tray. You will now be able to change the title of your Place.
    How do I send someone to a Platial Place or link to it from my website?

    You can link either to the Place open in the map you are looking at, or to just that Place alone, without the map.

    If you want to send a link to that Place open in the map, just open the Place and then copy the url from your browser’s address bar.

    If you want to link only to that Place, click on the “Permalink” tool to make the url of the Place alone appear in your browser’s address bar. Just copy that url to link to it from your website. You can also send an email with the Post’s url in it by clicking on the “email” icon.
    Can I move a marker if I made a mistake?

    Not yet. If you have made a mistake, you can delete a Place and start over.
    How do I delete a Place?

    – Click on the title of the Place to make the details about it appear.
    – You will see the delete button in the tool bar.
    – Click on delete and then choose yes in the alert box.

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