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    is there a way to have a link in a post that opens a map to a specific “pin/flag” on a map

    The blog I need help with is



    so I did some more Google searching

    I found these answers

    following is direct cut and paste with no edits – ergo verbatim verbatom :-)_

    How do I send someone to a Platial Place or link to it from my website?

    You can link either to the Place open in the map you are looking at, or to just that Place alone, without the map.

    If you want to send a link to that Place open in the map, just open the Place and then copy the url from your browser’s address bar.

    If you want to link only to that Place, click on the “Permalink” tool to make the url of the Place alone appear in your browser’s address bar. Just copy that url to link to it from your website. You can also send an email with the Post’s url in it by clicking on the “email” icon.
    now to test :-)

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