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PLEASE! Ability to add additional "Home" pages!

  1. mugsysrapsheet

    Something I've been desperately clamoring for for ages is the ability to Add Pages in the same format as the Home page, with unique linked Subjects with their own Comments section below each one. It is SERIOUSLY limiting to only have one page upon which people may post Comments.

    For example, imagine a "Fine Dining" blog with one page to discuss Entrees, another for Desserts, another for Wine... you get the idea.

    Simply put, a single WELL-ORGANIZED site that allows visitors to discuss a variety of topics on multiple subjects without having to mix them all together on the same page.

    Maybe for WordPress 4.0? This would be a HUGELY appreciated major upgrade. Thx.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i have the same suggestion ..

    i think wordpress should put this in mind , i just started to use wordpress ,and this really disappoint me

  3. When you create a page you will be able to enable or disable (using Quick edit) the comments feature.
    So you can create the pages and then list them in the sidebar in widget?

  4. @mugsysrapsheet, the site linked to your username, , has not had any activity since it was set up in 2009. What is the URL of the site you are talking about?

  5. mugsysrapsheet


    I don't use the wordpress site to host my blog. I host my own blog at the URL cited at that link.

  6. mugsysrapsheet


    Not only does the "Allow Comments" option rarely work (it defaults to ON, so if your page doesn't have a Comments area, there's no fix), but you can only have one posting per page.

  7. Then you are in the wrong forum. This forum is for those hosted here at and things work differently here. The correct support forum for self-hosted sites is http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .

    What you want to do (I think because I'm not entirely clear from your posting) is relatively easily accomplished via plugins on a self-hosted site, or with the right theme that supports what you want to do. Head over to the .ORG forums and post your query there. Explain what you want and I'm sure someone will come up with a solution.

  8. mugsysrapsheet

    Thanks Path. I'll look into it.

  9. You are welcome.

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