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Please add a Technorati widget

  1. Please add a widget to display Technorati claim, search, links and profile.

  2. That's Javascript based and javascripts can cause opening for attacks. I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

  3. I added Technorati as a bookmark and also created a Links page with Technorati on it. This may work for you too.

  4. Technorati also gives a method to claim a blog by writing a post and putting a specific (non script) code in.

  5. Last I checked Technorati, it says I haven't updated in 20 days. And before that it said something like I hadn't updated in two months. I ping with Blog Flux and one time I also went directly to Technorati and pinged from there but still no luck. :(

  6. Nosysnoop, maybe dropping T. a support request might help. I know that they have had issues in the past with blogs for some reason.

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