Please add an “off” switch for the link-to-video-clip conversion in comments

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    It could be that there is a place where one can do this, but support did not say there was one, and I can’t find it… I would like to be able to disable the new function that converts YouTube links in comments to video clips. I don’t like this function, and people who submit comments to my blog have already gone through unnecessary troubles trying to make it so that their links wouldn’t convert this way – which caused them to make errors in other areas. I have not heard positive feedback about this function. In my opinion, it’s not necessary to automatically convert YouTube links in comments to video clips. Even in regular posts, you have to go through a special procedure to do this, so why make this so automatic in comments? I really, really don’t want this function, and even though I known now how to turn the links back to links, this is extra work; plus, I can’t be at my blog 24 hours a day to catch any new comments that come in. (I am at my blog probably more hours per day already than most people would consider “healthy.” :) So, please, please, is there some way we can turn this off, or can this way be provided?

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    I’ll take it a step further and say that in my opinion both videos and images have no place in comments. Links only please.


    Yes, I agree, I would prefer to only have a link to a video in the comment section not the actual video.

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