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    I’m writing to kindly ask that you consider adding the Instamate theme by Graph Paper Press. It’s such a great theme – a clean and professional look, with features not found in many of the other available themes. One great thing about it is that it has great integration with Instagram, and Instagram is used on such a widespread scale these days.

    Here’s a link:

    I know it would be a premium theme, but it’s totally worth it. I’m ready to move my blog to something more professional looking, but I don’t want to move off of WordPress to another host if I can help it, or go through the hassle of moving. I looked through the other premium themes, but they aren’t geared toward the type of work I want to do with my blog (one of the best I saw was geared toward musicians).

    I saw you have some other themes by Graph Paper Press already … would be great to add this one, too! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. Good idea! I’ve tagged this so a moderator can move this to the Ideas forum.


    Thanks so much, Andrew.


    I think this theme’s great too! Would be great for WordPress to offer it as an option.



    We request new themes in the Themes Forum not in the Ideas Forum and this thread is already in the correct forum.

    2. Post a suggestion for a new theme

    Please give us the theme name, a link to view the theme, and—most importantly—why you like it and would love to have it on

    Please search the forum first for a suggestion on the same theme. If it exists, add your vote to the same topic and add a note about why you like the theme.


    @timethief: Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. I just removed the tags.



    You’re welcome and you are doping very well here. :)


    I didn’t know I was doping at all, so that’s good, I guess. :P Thanks so much.



    Oops! There’s one of the foibles that result from being visually challenged. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t being a smartass. I meant to post “doing” of course. LOL :D
    P.S. It’s those in the CSS Forum that can benefit from your skills


    Heh, I figured. :) I’ll try to focus on the CSS forum. Up until now I had bee just answering any post I see with out replies, regardless of which forum.



    Good to know you didn’t assume I was being rude. :) Suit yourself but it’s CSS support that’s most need. Only thesacredpath and justpi regulatory Volunteer to help with it and they appear to be busy currently. The rest of us Volunteers don’t help with CSS editing at all.


    Cool, I’ll start trying to focus my attention there.


    I like the suggestion of from gracefortheroad. Please do consider it.


    Thanks, rashionalthoughts and laurenchowdesigns.



    Hey all,

    This is Thad from Graph Paper Press. This thread was brought to my attention by the theme team at

    What most interests you about Instamate? The design? Or the integration with Instagram?

    Your answers will help inform our decision on which theme to release next on

    Happy publishing!


    For me, it’s both. I was attracted initially to the design, and I couldn’t find another design in the currently offered themes that had the same feel.

    But I’d also been looking for something that would easily integrate photography on the go (Instagram worked great for that) so this was the perfect fit.


    It’s a great theme, Thad. :)


    Would love to see this become a WordPress option. Thad, please let us know if we can do anything else to help with information.

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