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    Hey I have noticed there aren’t any news type related theme’s uploaded to the site yet. Could you please upload NewsPress to the theme choices?


    The blog I need help with is



    The original author would have to allow his theme to be used, not to mention the time it would take to modify the theme so it is acceptable for use on

    In a reply from one of the staff regarding the newly releases spectrum new ‘professional and clean’ themes are coming soon in addition to colourful themes.



    Thanks for the reply, any idea when these themes will come? And any idea how to suggest a theme like this to the staff?



    And any idea how to suggest a theme like this to the staff?

    Most importantly tell us why you like it and why you would love to have it on

    And there are lots of newsy type themes already on check out The Journalist, Coraline, Structure, Inuit Types, DePo Masthead, Twenty Ten, or maybe Fadtastic.



    The original author would have to allow his theme to be used

    Since the theme mentioned is in the repository at, that’s not the case. All themes listed on are GPL, so they can be used and modified by anyone for any purpose.

    I think the OP probably means by a ‘news theme’ something with excerpts on the front page, a grid-based layout and prominent images. I’d put Structure and Inuit Types in that category but I’d be hard-pushed to define any other themes as such.



    Thanks for the reply lance. I like the NewsPress theme because of how it looks. But I also like it because it appears to be very functional. I like how you can have maybe like featured articles on the top and then all of your regular news/articles just showing up below it or maybe on the side. I like how everything is organized. Although personally I would want to be able to move the columns around and would want the option of choosing what type of information goes in each column. Like maybe in one column I would only have one type of category of news show up or something. Does this give you some good info?



    P.S. I also like how I can see many different titles of the news stories but I don’t exactly see the entire post itself. Giving the user the ability to just look at which titles of news he wants to look at and then just clicking it and reading.


    You should check out Inuit Types with which you can have two columns of posts in the main content area and they are automatically excerpted with a read more link. That might do you for a starter.

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