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    Would love to have the options of including links to various social sites so that readers can share my blog on Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

    I know there are manual options, but it would be much easier if it was automatic.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’d love that too :-)



    This one is almost automatic – I use the ‘Add To Any’ bookmarklet and when I click on it, it produces an all-in-one link for social sites. I know it’s not automatic, but it’s just one click – not much effort needed.

    Go here for instructions –



    I use the Add to Any Button, which I learned about on t3ck’s blog. It is already very, very easy to insert on each post. It is practically “automatic.” Have you installed it yet? The button is on my browser’s tool bar, I just click on it and insert into the just published post and update my post. Here is a previous post where it was discussed:

    Some posters seem to prefer the “Get Social” button. I wouldn’t be surprised there are other buttons that I haven’t heard about yet or are yet to come. There are lots of choices, including not using the button. For that reason, and because it’s already so easy to insert, I don’t see how or why WP should make it “automatic.”



    @arcadata… looks like we’re on the same wavelength :-)



    There are several alternatives available:
    Manually adding
    They take only a couple of minutes to add. I prefer to be able to choose the social bookmarks as opposed to having any set of social bookmarks being automatically added by the software.

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