please add some template suitable for photoblogs

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    Thank you for your effort on this great weblog.
    I am new member and soon I found that there is only one template suitable for photoblog.

    I have seen some great templates as following links, would you add those templates or at least create a template with such features such as thumbnailing, camera info, etc

    As far as I know they are all free

    here is some links:
    especially for:
    the link to download:

    Thank you very much in advance


    The one thing to keep in mind when suggesting themes, is that for WordPress to even consider a theme, it has to be GPL licensed. I’m not sure how many of these are.

    A lot of designs are now ending up Creative Commons licensed and in some I’ve seen recently, there are advertisements in the footers, and the footer.php files are encrypted so that you cannot remove the advertisements. All of these are sure deal-breakers.


    Nice themes though.



    Yes you’re right, that is why in my post I state that in case of infeasibility, please create a good one ;-)




    Hi pixelshot-You don’t explain what it is that you are looking for in a suitable photoblog theme. I’m presently using both The Journalist and Monotone (different blogs of course) and am quite happy with both, but The Journalist, while having a fairly large image size area, lets you have Pages and a blogroll, neither of which can be done with Monotone.

    I’ve seen people use Chaos Theory, Hemingway (with a bit of trickery), Unsleepable and a few others, so there are really a number of choices. I guess it depends on what you want to do.

    As far as suggesting new themes, this forum thread should be of interest:



    And there is a thread in the Off Topic forum at the very top with nothing but one after another photo and art blogs. Look at the themes they’re using and how they adapt them.



    Also: be aware that itself does not design themes.



    thank you all
    yes justjennifer I have to post to that link “theme recommendation” :)

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