Please add the ability to MASS edit Catorgories for entries!

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    It would be so nice if you guys would add the ability to mass edit categories for entries. I use for news for my blog. and it defaults to the category of “news” I’d like to add some Category tags for each story, but it’s royal pain in the behind to go into EACH entry and add tags… can ya’ll put a mass edit feature in? that way I can tick each story I want to mass edit, and add my tags? Would be a very nice feature.

    Thanks Ya’ll..

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    this has been discussed in previous threads before, and i’m one of them who supports what you’re asking for. i’m not sure why wp is not doing anything about this though, sounds like a very useful feature for fellow wordpressers.




    are we talking about the same thing here?

    I’m talking about after I post an entry. I’d like to be able to mass edit all my message’s tags or categories. I think we’re saying the same thing. Might just using different terms. ;-P



    When you bring up the edit page for an individual post or write the post in the first place, you should have a tab along the right hand side where you can tag your post on or off for the categories that you want.

    You do have to put the categories in there in the first place though. I usually find it quicker just to do it on the Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories -> Bottom of the page where there’s a form. You can also add in additional categories in the tab I mentioned on the Write Post page as well.

    Hope this helps,




    Yeah, that’s what I am referring to. I’d just like to be able to do that for as money posts as I choose to, at the same time. hence the word “mass edit:”… like you said, it’s been discussed… but no dice yet.




    I want to mass edit my current entries to be privated so that I don’t have to delete my blog. But I don’t want to go through more than 100 entries one by one. Any help?



    You can make your entire blog private by going to Options>Privacy and selecting the option to have it visible only to people you choose.



    But search engines will still have cached versions of everything you’ve posted. Yahoo in particular never seems to delete them.



    i second this request, mass edit will be a god-send…


    guess I’m just deleting my whole .com journal then. I already have it moved over to my server and have .org now. I was just hoping to private everything and leave one public entry saying the journal has moved. Oh well I guess.



    I deleted one blog with 1600 posts in about 20 minutes, but is was a little “mind consuming” :)


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