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please add these themes pls!!!!

  1. wow

    x blog is beautiful

  2. linux has a large header which is nice if it could be customised. but no sidebar is a big disadvantage.

    wonderwall looks pretty similar to a lot of themes already available.

    so does x blog. and scary little.

    fmulti is nice, we hardly have black themes except hemingway and emire. but some may care for noir.

    abduction's great - large header and sidebars. i like.

  3. F-Multi, X-blog and Scary Little look excellent. Definitely would like to see these here.

  4. Moved to ideas. (See that, Andrew?)

    Master, please explain how you plan on using all of these themes at the same time.

    If you want to make a serious request, please feel free to send it in via feedback as this is what staff has requested us to do.

  5. I will take a look at some of these and see whether it's feasible to convert the visuals to custom CSS for Sandbox. They wouldn't be exact copies but you'd get the basic look.

  6. @wank
    This is just a suggestion [she said donning her helmet and pulling down her face shield]. Many inviduals have sent requests for specific themes to sysadmin through feedback and have also posted their requests on the forum. Whenever new releases of themes are made over here http://wordpress/org a chorus starts up here. Rather than making a random selection from yet another new wave perhaps a better approach would be to use the forum search box and then css customize the themes that some bloggers have been patiently waiting for.

  7. TT, Wank knows what she's doing.


    I may take a look at fmulti too, since we're always in need of more dark themes, but the rest just made me go 'meh'.

    @tt: yup, already did that. The trouble is most of the requested themes also make me go 'meh'. I'm working on Orange Sky but it's not proving straightforward, so I'm going to dissect Dapit Hapon next.

  9. @wank-

    you might want to see if GAiL has any plans to port it first. or offer to help. just as a nicety. some people get their feathers ruffled otherwise (not myself. but, you know.)

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