Please advise, Rich …

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    … when you feel you can speak to me again ?
    Already I’ve managed to entirely lose my tags.
    With this one I’m finding great difficulty locating the short CSS codes, and have had several times to include tons of stuff I’m quite sure isn’t relevant … and so have probably managed to remove my tags by including them involuntarily.
    Have searched and searched for them in my revisions – in vain. :-(

    The blog I need help with is


    MR, I’m seeing tags on your posts down at the bottom below the “Related” section on the single post pages with the tags in green. I’m assuming you found the CSS and removed it.


    Nope. What SEEMS to be happening is that when one views a post individually, tags start to appear after about the third page of posts.
    Similiarly with the links at each page of post’s base – the first few show only ‘older posts’, and it’s not till you’re a few pages in that you get ’em showing in both directions.
    I feel strongly it’s something I’ve done, Rich …
    Here’s my suggestion, in hopes of not taking up too much of your time: tonight I’ll make an entire list of the changes I want to achieve, and also list the CCS revisions, and you can cross-check ’em.
    I mean, I know that’ll make you happier than a pig in shit; but hey, I’m here to help, mate ! :-}


    Sorry: so I don’t expect to see Tags EXCEPT on inidividual posts ?


    In Dynamic News, tags only appear in the single post view, not on category/archive/tag pages or on the main posts (blog) page.

    You can though add the following which hides the “Older” link and brings back older/recent pagination at the bottom of the blog page.

    .infinite-scroll .post-pagination {
        display: block;
    #infinite-handle {
        display: none;


    Dear Rich; here’s a short list of problems I came up with overnight, having decided that my earlier idea was simply impractical in terms of my expectations of your time …

    The table in the sticky post that’s my NAVIGATION has its borders set at 1, but the verticals won’t show.
    They (the verticals) also won’t show in a table I created within Windows Live Writer – in which they showed perfectly – in a post called “Experimenting with Window Live Writer”.
    And when I go back to the post and make the borders “0”, it makes no difference whatsoever: horizontals only. :-(
    I would dearly like to have no borders at all.

    I’ve written about a thousand CSS entries for .post-8010 (the sticky) in order to remove its header and its meta footers. Each one worked originally, and then, after some hours, didn’t: one or the other object appeared again ! (You’ll think I’ve gone completely bonkers, now.) There is a shitload of replication in my CSS in this regard – not to mention those bits where I couldn’t narrow down the original code from a bloody paragraph

    <strike>The Search Box widget, just to be different, won’t show its bottom horizontal !</strike> FORGET THIS ONE: instead, can you explain why, when I moved it to a different position in the column of widgets, it decided to show ALL its borders ? :-| Oh, never mind …

    In your opinion, are the two widgets informing of readers’ activities the same line height ? – the top one seems to me more tight that the lower one ! :-}

    I have forgotten how to centre widget headers without centring their content – wouldst remind an old fart ?

    There now. The ravings of an obsessive. From me to you in hope of your having some time at some stage.


    P.S.: thanks so much for the bottom-of-page code: I’m happier to see the old familiars back !


    Strike that last one about centering widget headers, please, Rich …
    And the whinge about the line spacing should be the other way ’round (as I suspect you just might have worked out for yourself – you never know !).


    SHIT A BRICK !! – I’ve only just discovered that the sticky I’m using as my navigation has appeared also in the date order of posts !!!
    I don’t want it to be there – of course !
    Do stickies do that always ? – appear in both places ????
    I’ve never noticed it before ….


    And as well as telling me how to remove that bloody sticky from the list of posts in its date order – where I now know IT SHOULD NOT BE – can you tell me how to change the ul style to disk rather than square, please, Rich ? Tried all the relevant bits I could find; but no dice.


    No – strike that last. Turns out it was the difference between disk and disc. :-( Apologies for being a maroon.


    For the vertical borders between the columns of images in your table, add the following CSS.

    .entry tr td {
        border-right: 1px solid #ddd;

    On the search box, I can’t fathom why it would show the bottom border when you move it to a different location. I’m seeing the border in Safari, Chrome and Firefox right now.

    On the two recent posts widgets, the same CSS is controlling the design on both so they are the same. Perhaps the duplication of words on the lines in the second one makes it look tighter. On the last couple of items in the bottom one, they look visually like the top widget.


    Thank you very much.
    And the ridiculousness of having that sticky post (the ‘navigation’) appearing not only as a sticky but ALSO in date order within the posts ?
    Can you come up with something brilliant to remove it from the latter, please, Rich …?


    Where is it showing up where you don’t want it to? If you can give me a link I can see if I can figure out how to make it go away.


    Bear with me while I go potty, Rich … I just started scrolling down each page of my blog to find it, and found instead that the posts were in NO ORDER, and all over the shop.
    I shall re-boot.

    Is that sufficient for your porpoises ? – BELOW The Daily Prompt: Now ? – Later … and ABOVE If I seem unfriendly …


    Can you give me a link to that page? I need to figure out the code needed.

    I see it in the uncategorized category on right at the top.


    The link will only take you to it as the sticky at the head of the blog !!!
    I don’t know how to solve this …


    The problem is as follows, trying to make myself clear (for I know I’m bad at that):
    I made a post for navigation around my categories; and I published it as a sticky so that it’s always up the top.
    It works fine.
    It is also appearing within the list of posts. It can be seen as a normal post, also – between the post of July 15 and the post of July 13.
    Its shortlink is the same for both.


    Ok, I’m going to have to page through your site until I find the point where that sticky post shows up in the list. I’m not sure yet how to go about hiding it in only that location since that location and the sticky post location at the top are all part of the blog. I’m going to have to experiment some.

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