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Please allow Google Analytics

  1. Hi,

    Since you already allow google webmaster tools, can you please also allow google analytics? It would be a really simple code addition and it would be immensely helpful to have all the useful statistics on your blog, like how long on average people stay on the blog, etc.

    Your rival ( does allow this feature, so unless you could add this in the near future I'll have to move to them.

  2. jonathonbalogh

    Hi scifiandhorror, I had the same issue. It's not just Blogger that allows Google Analytics but, as I explain in a recent post, other popular blogging services such as Posterous, Tumblr, Typepad and LiveJournal. In any case, I wanted to let you know that, as long as you have your own domain name, there is a way to run Google Analytics on a blog.

  3. Hi i have own domain name and i used domain mapping on my free wordpress blog to my domain name
    can you tell me how to add Google Analytics with own domain name?

  4. jonathonbalogh

    Hi apekade, check out the link I posted above. This will walk you through the steps to get Google Analytics working on a blog. A lot of bloggers here have had success with this.

  5. I would like to add my vote for allowing Google Analytics and other Javascript tracking codes to This is a major deal breaker and I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't more clear during the signup process.

  6. It's easily googleable, and one of the things you should research before deciding where to build a website.

    There IS a workaround to get Google Analytics, but a couple of experts I respect have said it sets off alarm bells for them.

  7. Just throwing in my vote - in case the powers that be at WordPress are interested: we want Google Analytics. It flippin' rocks my socks. For any blogger, particularly a professional blogger - more in depth analysis of traffic to the site and out of the site is imperative. Not to mention the intertwined functionality of all Google products.

    Please don't hate on the Analytics.

    Tara Michelucci

  8. +1 to anal-lytics


  9. A professional blogger hoping to make money from advertising or affiliates would be ill-advised to set up at

  10. You can use Google Analytics if you own a domain name and if you use CloudFlare. All you need to do is change the name servers of the domain name.

  11. is actually owned and operated by Google, so they don't have a reason not to allow their own product (Google Analytics) inside another of their products (

  12. mitaroygoahotel

    Once again, Mr Boss man at, can you please please let allow us to use Google Analytics on ?

    There is no reason for you not to !!!


  13. I sign your suggestion.. we need google analytics.

  14. doggedlyinrome

    I googled, and found this: - so I thought I could install Google Analytics. I'm disappointed to find I can't. At least could that old information be taken down, as it's misleading? I found it today.

  15. It is not misleading. It is completely accurate, but it applies to WordPress.ORG, not WordPress.COM. You need to learn the difference, particularly if you want that level of control and insight delivered by Google Analytics; you really do need to know the kind of WordPress you're using.

  16. doggedlyinrome

    I know the kind of wordpress I'm using. It's the video that I'm talking about: how can a beginner know that a site called wp.beginner.COM doesn't apply to wordpress.COM but to wordpress.ORG? That's confusing, at least for me.

  17. .com is a standard domain. If you don't realize that, you really do need to slow down.

  18. britishtravelblogger

    +1 to GA. Sort it out wordpress...

  19. +1 to Google Analytics!!!

  20. I have now moved my site (BrickExtra) from to so that I can get more features and not have to have that annoying little "" bit in my web address. I have found that is wayyyyy more useful for what I using its services for. :D has loads of interesting and useful plugins for just about everything I will ever need (from broken link checkers to email subscription services!). ;)

    My recommendation is that: if you are serious and committed to blogging, then go for But if you are a casual blogger who doesn't really need much features and functions, then you should go for the free for your blog.

    One other good thing about is that you can freely do whatever you want (Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.), without any restrictions! :)

  21. shortisthenewblack

    Yodaman: is it easy to switch? Are there many differences in how you post? Thinking of switching for the same reasons as you!

  22. shortisthenewblack: My hosting company offers a free service that transfers all my content from my old blog to a self-hosted blog so I didn't actually do the initial set up process. There are a few differences in how you use the system. You will have to download plugins for Polldaddy polls, email subscription services, contact forms, etc. Also, the old related images and articles module has gone (Along with the stats -but you can set up stats using a plugin called Jetpack).

    Overall, is very useful for what I use it for. There are no restrictions or limits. You can do whatever you want (no-one can tell you which programs to use, etc.). ;)

  23. I totally agree with most of the forum contributors: Google Analytics is the most comprehensive statistics measurement tools and it is FREE. I know that moving to I can get it, but I like the stability of, so I don't have to upgrade almost everyday the plugins and other stuff as I do on So I would like to stay with, why you (WP staff) don't want to include Google Analytics, as the Jetpack Stats one is very poor compare to Google one.

  24. I find it funny how allows native Google Webmaster integration, native Bing Webmaster integration (who uses Bing?!), and still refuses to allow Google Analytics

  25. Definitely a big +1 for Analytics on!!

  26. smorph3us: Agreed!! :)

  27. rarereadsattpl

    I'm very disappointed that I can't use google analytics for my site. It means I will have to move my blog as all our other sites use it (I work for a public library and we have to account to the board).

  28. I'm very disappointed too! Why can't I use google analytics as everybody who has a blog?!?!?!?

  29. I tried, but could does not allow this

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