Please allow me post the link to my wordpress page (above) on Facebook.

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    When I try posting my link:, I receive an error message that says, “The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”
    Facebook says: “You’re seeing this error message because the content that you’ve attempted to post on the site has been reported as abusive by other Facebook users. You should be able to edit your account if you do not include the offending text or URLs.

    If you believe there is no abusive content on the specific website you are trying to post, unfortunately, the web domain that hosts the website has already been identified as abusive. Facebook does not have control over content that is hosted by particular web domains. To request the removal of abusive web pages that may be hosted by this domain, you will have to contact the specific domain provider.” So I am contacting you to clear up the problem. Please allow me to post my wordpress url on my Facebook pages.
    Thank you!

    Juana Alicia
    Blog url:


    It’s possible Facebook has mistakenly marked or your site as abusive content. I will try finding a way to contact them. Can you also try contacting Facebook through your account to let them know the domain should not be marked as abusive?


    We tested adding a link and we didn’t see any problems. Can you try adding a link again now?

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