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    I just change to wordpress, I’m a blogger user but today I discover wordpress because I found some beautiful themes in the internet and that makes me think, “wow, better than blogger!!” I was tryng to change my last posts in blogger to wordpress, and I found WP has many, many options that blogger does not…. BUT when trying to change to a nice theme for my blog, I mean, not the ones you offer, I found we are not allowed. Duh!

    I just found one nice theme for one of my blogs here, but when trying to find something good for the other one… nothing good! Also, I made a post, then I found a page that was showing recent posts from different users, and I found three posts, mine and two more, and when I visit one of those blogs, I found they’re using the same theme as mine, I know, obviously, there are not many options, but that make me think “duhh, this is boring!”… We would like to have our blogs different, I mean, at least we like to make it a little bit our style. I know you offer more themes than blogger, but at least blogger let us upload xml templates…. I would like to stay in wordpress for all the other options, you’re great, but why you don’t allow us use other templates? I was looking for information and the only thing I found is that you can change with an FTP client IF you have a domain and a host, you can upload to your server…. and that again makes me… ahhh :-(

    My primary language is not english, so please excuse any mistake, I know there is a spanish forum and of course I’m going to visit it now, but I just wanted to make you know that me and maybe lots of users would like to use different themes, to make them not too similar to the rest.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Sorry that you are not happy with any of the themes available here on But this is a free, multi-user platform, managed by Automattic, and any change to one theme or blog (other than the allowed code) would cause problems and security issues for all the other users.

    I’m sure you have found this already, but it’s a clear explanation of the differences between and

    We are volunteers in the forums (mostly) and have no access to decisions made by the powers that be at WordPress or Automattic.



    yaz25pr: You can customize the look of a theme by purchasing the CSS upgrade and changing the layout, fonts or colors of your site. You can’t change the HTML, but if you pick a theme like Sandbox and get the CSS upgrade, you have a lot of potential for individuality.



    thanks for your attention, friends! I understand this is a free service and you have to take it or leave it LOL, anyway I found this is a great service and, of course, I will stay. Right now, I can’t purchase the CSS upgrade, this is just a hobby for me… thank you!


    But note that in several of the available themes you can at least upload a header image of your own, and there are a few in which you can change the color scheme.

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