Please, bigger and darker fonts in HTML editor!

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    I’m more than 50 years old and I suffer from presbyopia. Same as many users, I guess.
    I’m really annoying with the new fonts in HTML editor.
    Will you please return bigger and darker fonts?

    The blog I need help with is



    You could zoom in by pressing Command (Mac) / Control (PC) and the “+” key.


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    One thing to note is that your browser (most browsers, anyway) can enlarge the font size. On a Mac, press command + (not sure what the keystrokes are for other operating systems?) Or click the view menu of your browser to zoom in. You could let your readers know how to do this (works for any site!).

    But you can insert code on each post to make the text larger:
    With the “Writing Helper” module, you can make a template with that code and use it over and over.


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    ~~~morning Juan!



    Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya, Tess!


    I agree, I use a bigger font on my blog because of the “old peepers” as it is, so please let’s have the old fonts in HTML editor back…


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    This question comes up often so I will move it to Questions Forum…



    In the new dashboard and all admin pages, fonts become larger and friendly for eyes. But, in contrast, today I found the fonts on HTML editor smaller and in a very light grey color. In Courier style.

    I ask for making this Courier font bigger and darker, or returning to previous.



    The new font is actually here to stay and part of the core WordPress Dashboard redesign, built on the feedback of millions of WordPress users.

    To share you thoughts and/or concerns on the current state of things, please start an idea thread at

    You can follow along with future enhancements at and some you may be interested in as well.

    built on the feedback of millions of WordPress users

    People complained and wanted smaller font & lighter text in the editor? I can barely read it now and just noticed. It seems to have happened in the past day or two and it’s considerably smaller and hard to read. Why would anyone complain about the size of the font in the EDITOR? I also can’t underline anymore when I used the U tag for underlining. They got rid of that too?


    The U tag for underlining gets stripped when we publish. Is there new code for underlining? Thank you.



    There is another discussion about the new invisible HTML editor, with important notices from staff:

    For underlining text you should use the long code:
    <span style="text-decoration:underline;">underlined text</span>

    If you switch to visual editor the U tag is automatically converted in the tag shown avove.


    Thank you naturaxiz. I’m happy to report that underlining is back! Thank you WordPress for fixing it!!



    I’m glad to see my underlined texts come back.
    Also I’m glad with the font of HTML editor become visible.
    And several other little bugs, that are fixed sooner or later.

    Seems there are several bugs in application of new version of software (3.2?). And also seems that staff is working on fixing all them.


    @pornstarbabylon: Check the link another staff member gives in this post:
    … to see how many millions of users were actually involved in this.



    @panaghiotisadam: reading that post made me think that those couple of users must have excellent mojo — and have excellent eyes! lol!

    I can really recommend airodyssey’s greasemonkey script for those using firefox:

    Even with the “improved” dark lettering, I can no longer scan the html box for the text that I need to find to edit some bit of html in the new standard html text box. The greasemonkey text override script makes the text readable again.

    Even if the issue were merely font size, the trouble with simply increasing the font size is that you can’t do it selectively — all fonts get bigger, and then other page elements start shifting, which can be a problem particularly if you’re working on a small screen device, like a netbook.



    The new font is actually here to stay and part of the core WordPress Dashboard redesign, built on the feedback of millions of WordPress users.

    I don’t remember being asked….



    Neither do I. Presently, in order to BETA test WordPress versions in developmental along with users, free hosted users would have to set up a install and then install the plugin required to BETA test new versions. I think it’s probably safe to say that the “millions of WordPress users” doesn’t include us users.

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