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Please block spam referrer

  1. I keep getting spam referrer views (or what I think is spam) from websites that contain "softwareescrowservicesreview" somewhere in their names, though the addresses are all different. Examples: [spam URLs removed] . I get views referred from 2 addresses containing that phrase every day. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please, do not post about Referrer Spam to the forums, as we don't want to provide any further publicity for the spammers. Did you read the sticky post at the head of this forum?

  3. The sticky post at the top of the forum has some guidelines for spam referrers:

  4. The sticky post directs to the contact form... which directs back to the forums while it's closed :-(

    Please forward your spam information to [email redacted] for the time being.

    I also tagged this thread so that staff removes the links.

  5. I did not see the sticky post - I searched the forums for the spammer's name and came up short, but I did see forums where people used the term "referrer spam" and listed the addresses/sites/etc. they needed blocked in the forums so I assumed that was the thing to do. Now that I'm familiar with the protocol is there a way to just delete this thread without getting an admin to do it?

  6. No - you can't edit your Post - a moderator will be along and remove it.

  7. Thanks.

  8. @demicrazy
    Not to worry as Staff will close this thread. Will you please remove that software.... tag in the sidebar?

  9. You can delete the tag you made for the spammer's name. It should have an X beside it if you're the one who created the tag. Otherwise, someone else will have to remove it. I, too, have been getting referrer spam from the same entity. At least it's a little different, since it's using an immensely long url rather than a shortened one, like most referrer spam I get!

  10. Removed. So you've been getting crap from ... er... sesr? Mine always start with blog dot or forum dot, always have info/, and always end in .php - it's weird, huh?

  11. It is strange. Obviously, I've never clicked (which is why they do this), but I do wonder what the heck they think they're getting out of doing this.

  12. I clicked the first 2 times when I was trying to figure out what was going on, then made the inference and stopped. It just doesn't make any sense. There's no correlation - they've been spamming my craft (knitting and jewelrymaking) blog, not my political blog, and I really don't see how that fits a target market. I honestly don't even see how the websites it links to have anything to do with software escrow. Googling the spammer name returned no helpful hits. Two different websites from what I could tell; it almost feels like it's websites owned or ...consulted to or something ... by the same person and they're using this to gain views for all of them. I had that happen with phone spam once, where a restaurant kept sending me illegal texts and seemed completely oblivious to it.

  13. Excuse me but this is a public forum and the threads are being indexed by Google. This is not a good thread to chat in IMO. The minimum amount of Volunteer communication is really the best way to go on this. Staff will enter the thread remove all that stuff in the OP and close the thread.

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