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Please bring back Topics page

  1. Completely agree! I came on here looking for a way to contact wordpress and express my discontent. Older posts take forever to load, and when they finally do load there are only about 10 more posts. The large images are cluttering and distracting. Each post takes up so much space that it is hard to scroll through many posts and sift out the ones that I am not interested in.

    I hope WP at least allows for an option for readers to view it the old way.

  2. Sorry Y'all, I'm just as disappointed with the change as everyone else. I can no longer scan the topic to see what I might like, and the scrolling is too cumbersome. Please return to the way it was!

  3. janiesramblings

    I agree too, the new format is off putting and time consuming. After trying to find posts I was interested in I gave up and I will not now waste time scrolling through loads of stuff I don't want to read to find something I do. It was much better when you could browse through pages of posts and select which ones to read. Bring back the old format so we can see what has been posted and select ourselves what to view otherwise there will be a lot of people not bothering to read and comment on anything at all.

  4. I totally agree! The old format was perfectly clear. It always was the place were I'd find new and unknown blogs, it's a shame that it has disappeared!
    I hope things will go back to normal soon!

  5. lifeandfriendship

    I totally agree. This new format is very frustrating. I miss having easy access to tons of blogs I haven't seen before. I am glad others feel the same, I was afraid I had somehow messed up my settings and have been searching for a way to change things back!

  6. justbetweencousins

    The Topics page was so much easier to navigate. I incorporated it into my daily routine and enjoyed seeing my post in the listings. With the new "reader" I see no Featured Post and do not see my own mixed in with the current listings. Please return the Topics Page!

  7. Dear WordPress: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Please, please go back to the old topics page. It was so easy to look at what posts were there. I do not like the reader bar based on my tags. I do not use that ever. I usually look up what I want to see on the topics page by topic, and then choose from the "squares" that I can see. Please go back to the old format. This new one sucks.

  8. becomingcliche

    @absurdoldbird Thanks for the link! It DOES look like this is just a temporary thing.


  9. Here's the link becoming clicke refers to:
    So, if it's accurate, it means that the current topics page view is temporary.

  10. oops! I meant to type "becomingcliche"

  11. I suspect the reason people aren't bothering to read that topic is because they don't realise that it's one that has been answered by a happiness engineer.

  12. bump....hello WordPress worker bees and boss people....obviously this is an issue...please sticky this and see how many of your sites users agree. I can't see how only seeing 5 new blog posts at a time while we wait for the pages and pages to load is a good thing. PLEASE get rid of the reader version and go back to the original. Thank you!

  13. thismightbepropaganda

    I started another thread on this as I'm also finding it impossible to scan new posts effectively.

    Infinite scroll is NOT user friendly. Our eyes just don't scan well in that way. Grid layout is much more natural. Also by the time you get to about 20 posts (about page 3 in the old grid system) it totally grinds to a halt. Sometimes it even grinds to a halt after displaying just ONE POST.

    PLEASE let us at least have the option of using the old system.

    Thanks :)

  14. alessandrociap

    one more vote - please birng back the topics page. pleeease :(

  15. I have never complained about anything WordPress ever, but this....for this, I must.

    I hate it !!!!!!!!!! Please leave well enough alone.

  16. simplisitylane

    PLEASE bring back the old Topics page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Please bring back the old topics page. It was much better than the new one.

  18. I'm not sure what made WordPress want to change the old topic pages, it worked fine for me (and it seems everyone else as well). It was a convenient way of reading and finding new blogs. This new scroll one is, as we say in South Africa, kak-too time consuming and it takes such a long time to load, I'd rather not even bother. Please revert to the old grid system, it was perfect just the way it was. Thank you.

  19. Does nobody take any notice of anything in these threads? Please people, read what macmanx (one of the Happiness Engineers, in other words, on the the STAFF said here:

    and just in case you don't want to go there, let me quote it:

    "We're making some big changes, so we had to take them down for a bit.

    For now, you can still view specific topics through the Reader:!/read/"

    Note he said, apropos the topics, we had to take them down for a bit.

    "for a bit" means temporarily. They are making some changes. It's not permament. So what the heck is the point of nagging them to bring back something that's only away temporarily?

    If the don't bring it back after saying they will, THEN is the time to nag and whine. Not now.

    (And don't blame me either, I'm just one of 'you'. Having my own say, here.)

  20. NOTHING was wrong with the old topics page. The grid view was easy to browse and I found a lot of great blogs that way, and a lot of people found mine, but I doubt if I EVER browse the new page. It's just too nonsensical and irritating. I hate endless scrolling!! Makes me wonder of WordPress is owned by Google, the way they like to screw things up "for our benefit".

  21. theyouthrebellion

    I do not like the new Reader/Topics system either. It doesn't let you see as much. It takes too long to load more blogs in the same topic. I could get through much faster browsing in the old set up. The old set up also looked better. I don't even know how anyone will take time now to try and find new blogs to read. Please return it to the old way or at least let us be able to do it both ways. Thank you.

  22. absurdoldbird: No, nobody reads them. These have morphed from bug reporting threads to venting threads. Time to go for a walk and enjoy some precious, non-raining moments.

  23. to old bird who has now taken the time to pint out again and again that there is a message about the issue.

    Telling us they are taking it down for a bit - is WAY TOO VAGUE.
    Besides that, telling us they are making some big changes is also WAY TOO VAGUE.

    What should happen is that the new method or programs/ whatever it is - should be tested in an off line environment. That is where they fix things and insure that the new works.

    Meanwhile - the existing is left exactly as is and isn't changed to something not user friendly and not efficient at all. When the new is ready an announcement is made which gives a start date and tell us what will happen.

    The message you refer to is of no value at all - so why bother to defend it or point it out. Ask your connections or supervisor for a bit more information. Tell them that there a lot of frustrated and disappointed users who would like an updated response.

    Don't you think that would offer a bit more of a responsible answer rather than just saying - I don;t have any info - I on';t what the changes are - and I don't know how long temporary is ...

    We know you didn't create this situation, but it would be nice if some one with either the knowledge or the responsibility would comment. Thank you.

  24. Absurdoldbird is a blogger like you, but she takes the time to volunteer in the forums and give people informative answers. She's not responsible for the fact you don't like them.

    If you want an answer from staff, contact staff via your dashboard Help button.

  25. I feel like a good image attracts people especially for me. I like to browse art that fellow illustrators post. However, each image fills my screen while I browse and I only see about 4 - 5 posts before hitting the blue "Wait, there's more!" bar. Here's an idea: Make each topic page just like the freshly pressed page. When you scroll down and hit the bottom, it will load other posts like it does now. But instead of only seeing another 5 or so huge images, each post is its own square (same size as everyone elses). When your mouse rolls over, the "tile" flips or fades to reveal some of the post's content. Sorry for the long-windedness. Just an idea.

  26. Adding on to what others are saying, not only do we not like the new format, we think that readers are not having success finding our blog. Our blog stats have gone down significantly since this new format is in place. That is disheartening.

  27. After reading through the "food" topic to fully explore the new format, I noticed that a reader can "like" the page without going into the blog and reading the whole post. We thought the whole idea was to build a blog readership. If readers can view the top paragraph and the photos and "like" a page, they probably won't go to the blog to fully read the blog post or any other posts on the blog. This does not work for us!

  28. all still haven't figured out that your new topics page is um...a disaster. all have the pages loading so fast you can't get to the bottom of your site to get back to the forums to give you our customer feedback that this new "view" SUCKS! Come on already!! I am willing to bet if you look at how many wordpress users are currently using the site are way way way down. Really! Bring back the old version....I just started my blog and if you all keep this up I am going to another site to start my blog there. This new view is making it very very difficult to quickly scan for other blogs I may be interested in reading and following. for that other post about you all "fixing" this....what fix? If you all can't grasp the concept that whoever told you this is a great thing to wrong...well...yea....good luck on keeping people here at this site. Especially with the younger generation....they WILL take their blogs elsewhere.

  29. Guys: "new topics page" = "temporary topics page"

    I posted several times when this thread first opened because I intensely dislike the changed topics layout, but it's been pointed out several times that this is a TEMPORARY layout. Unless there is no reverting back to the original format in a few days or weeks, there's no reason to keep telling WP how much you hate the change. Sounds like they're aware of the issue.

  30. Not only that, but staff aren't the ones doing all the reading here: it's just other bloggers.

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