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    The new Topics page does not work! How many hours do I have to wait for it to load when I use a search term such as ‘dating’? The view is not reader friendly, people cannot scroll down to my blog, and the layout is not useful for searching additional blogs. The new system is terrible!


    Just in case it’s of interest to anyone, I saw this in the Staff Answers forum:

    So, if it’s accurate, it means that the current topics page view is temporary.

    Let’s hope!


    So, I click on the names of my writers for my blog on their wordpress tag and for most of them the page states, “Nothing to read.”

    On some that actually work, I scroll down the page and it reads, “Wait, there’s more!” and the page doesn’t load.


    Thanks, absurdolbird. I do hope this is a temporary problem.



    I agree! Makes it so hard to browse blogs and the lag time is so long!


    Completely agree…please bring back the old view….taking way way too long to load and I will move on. I liked the old way for the same reasons other have mentioned above. Looks like you all are trying to show more of the actual blog posts…what was wrong with the other way….please please bring it back. THANKS!! :)



    I hate the blog roll in the reader column. I used to love scrolling through the new posts under topics. PLEASE BRING THAT BACK!

    I have to scroll through so many more pages to find blogs I’m interested in – so time consuming, where before I could just scan through thirty or so on a single page. Tonight I kept having to wait for new items to load – ridiculous.

    This new setup just doesn’t serve anybody.



    I like using the reader for blogs I follow (if I remember to use it — I usually just click on their post from my email) but this new way to view the posts is horrible. So many posts will go unnoticed because who has time to let all that load? It was so much easier to scan the “thumbnails” in the topics and get caught up on what I missed. If we have any say in this, I’m putting in my vote to change it back!


    With the old topics format I would scroll through the pages to check out other posts after posting my own. It was a great way to find new blogs, post likes and discover the world. The system in place now is cumbersome, time consuming and not conducive to sharing. I vote WP go back to the old topics interface or something similar. Why would I want to post on a blog platform where no one can find me? … If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!



    The new format is slow to load.
    Beyond that instead of being “as they are written, so they shall appear” deal =
    we now have some unseen hands deciding which blogs to display.

    That is totally unfair to new bloggers who might like to write a post and see in nestled in its proper topic. Under that format, with absolute certainty they know that at least for a while it can be seen on the front page of the topic, or after that on the front few pages of a topic.

    It seemed to be the perfect way to discover new blog that I hadn’t looked at before, or a perfect way for someone to say – Oh there ‘s The Arts blog – I see he’s reviewed The Avengers, Ill click on it and have a look.

    What this new format has done is to totally make it difficult for a new blogger to even be noticed. Kindly advise why you have decided that you will decide what is displayed in a particular topic rather than just letting the posts appear as they are written.



    Completely agree! I came on here looking for a way to contact wordpress and express my discontent. Older posts take forever to load, and when they finally do load there are only about 10 more posts. The large images are cluttering and distracting. Each post takes up so much space that it is hard to scroll through many posts and sift out the ones that I am not interested in.

    I hope WP at least allows for an option for readers to view it the old way.



    Sorry Y’all, I’m just as disappointed with the change as everyone else. I can no longer scan the topic to see what I might like, and the scrolling is too cumbersome. Please return to the way it was!


    I agree too, the new format is off putting and time consuming. After trying to find posts I was interested in I gave up and I will not now waste time scrolling through loads of stuff I don’t want to read to find something I do. It was much better when you could browse through pages of posts and select which ones to read. Bring back the old format so we can see what has been posted and select ourselves what to view otherwise there will be a lot of people not bothering to read and comment on anything at all.


    I totally agree! The old format was perfectly clear. It always was the place were I’d find new and unknown blogs, it’s a shame that it has disappeared!
    I hope things will go back to normal soon!


    I totally agree. This new format is very frustrating. I miss having easy access to tons of blogs I haven’t seen before. I am glad others feel the same, I was afraid I had somehow messed up my settings and have been searching for a way to change things back!


    The Topics page was so much easier to navigate. I incorporated it into my daily routine and enjoyed seeing my post in the listings. With the new “reader” I see no Featured Post and do not see my own mixed in with the current listings. Please return the Topics Page!



    Dear WordPress: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Please, please go back to the old topics page. It was so easy to look at what posts were there. I do not like the reader bar based on my tags. I do not use that ever. I usually look up what I want to see on the topics page by topic, and then choose from the “squares” that I can see. Please go back to the old format. This new one sucks.


    @absurdoldbird Thanks for the link! It DOES look like this is just a temporary thing.




    Here’s the link becoming clicke refers to:
    So, if it’s accurate, it means that the current topics page view is temporary.



    oops! I meant to type “becomingcliche”

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