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    Hopefully this change is temporary, the reader format is quite clunky compared to the sleek topics format. In addition to this, my new post today didn’t even show up in the relevant reader tag! That makes attracting the attention of new readers very difficult…


    new topics page –> lower stats.

    impossible to find new sites older than a few minutes. –> our work basically wasted.

    so, am SUSPENDING ALL ACTIVITY until things start working again.

    sorry, guys!



    If you want staff to take note of your protest, notify them via your dashboard.



    I agree. Hew format for reading the topics is awful! Bring buck the old one, please.
    It is interesting, some one from WordPress team read all this comments?



    I just wanted to say that I don’t like the new version of the topics page. I don’t want to see entire articles of articles that just posted. I do want to see a large listing of article teasers with a single photo at most, so I can scan large number of posts and find the ones that I’m interested in.


    @rain – yep, you’re right.

    And after my walk, maybe I’ll send these people the incessantly cheeping chaffinch from here:

    not that it’s much different from the stupidity on these forums.


    I hate this new change, too, especially since my Reader doesn’t work anymore, now I can’t read any blogs. Whatever they’re doing with with the main page and Reader/Topics is VERY frustrating.



    Yes there is a lot of ranting and raving. It comes from the frustration of this change, however temporary this might be. I think folks might like to know the time line. Macmanx just states a little bit. Maybe things will be back to running normally tomorrow.

    Why not close the topic? Seems like everything has been said.


    bump again ;)


    The other problem with this new format is having a “like” and “follow” tab available up front. We are interested in building readership. Giving people the option of “liking” without reading runs counter to the longterm goal of building readership. And while I understand people are saying all this change was “planned” and “temporary,” there is very much a “ready, fire, aim!” feel about all this. Many of us remember the “New Coke.”



    I agree. Are they trying to be like Facebook here. Messing with what’s not broken? I am an artist and now nobody will ever find me unless it is the 1 second that I am at the top of the art page. Also, like you I loved browsing other blogs in the thumbnail view. Put it back like it was!!


    Sorry guys, I love WordPress but I really don’t like the new topics format. Please bring back the old way, so much easier to use.



    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the topics page back the way it was!
    As I’ve read here most of the bloggers agree on the fact that the topics moved to the reader was NOT a good idea. so if possible and of course it is possible, bring things back to NORMAL.


    Just want to add my displeasure along with the rest of you. It takes forever to load onto the reader and is much more time consuming to browse through.


    People can not find my blog because the new Topics system only displays three or four ‘newest’ blogs; so no one can now scan the past 24-48 hours of blogs they may have missed. Also, loading a search term that is not in the main topics list, such as the sub-topic ‘Online’ is a non-starter. This new Reader’s Page is a giant leap backwards!




    Doing away with the Topics tab is uttter rubbish, I must have posted my topic about the same time you did, but it essentially says exactly the same thing. Hate this new format, it means all of our blog posts are going to get buried and will stop us discovering cool new blogs. Sucks big time.



    Just wanted to add my voice/ vote on this. I really don’t like topics/ tags in my reader. I never manage to get past the first few posts–the rest just never load. The previous format was so much better in so many ways!

    As a workaround, I did notice that if you log out you can still access the old topics/ tags view; once you log in to “like”/ comment on a post, you then have to log out again and start over though.


    If this change to the Topics pages is temporary, WordPress should make that known to avoid many of the complaints here. The way it is now, it’s not only slow to load and hard to find something you might like, but it defeats what I thought its purpose was — to give folks a chance to more easily find interesting writers, photography and art, discover new things, and be found by others.

    It was an interesting, easy to navigate place to browse before it was changed into a time consuming, difficult to scroll through mess.



    I would also like to see the return of the topics gallery asap please! The reader format is simply not appropriate as a showcase for blogging talent. A reader is to show new posts in blogs that I have selected to be included there – not a restricted number of posts that someone else has determined to be the ones that I am allowed to see. If I can’t have access to the gallery format showcase, then I cannot find new blogs that I may find interesting, and hence the development of new talent is stifled.

    The gallery format was such a strong feature of the site, enabling effective communication amongst the wordpress community, that I am at a loss to know why it has been removed. Please bring it back asap.

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