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Please bring back Topics page

  1. roughseasinthemed

    Well, I will when I find a suitable address..... having just discovered this:

    "We believe everyone deserves fantastic support for their blog. Our backlog of requests has consistently grown as our team of 10 receives nearly 8,000 messages a week. To get caught up and give our customers the support they expect with paid upgrades, we made the difficult decision to limit the contact form to customers with upgrades. Once we are caught up we will work on bringing a high level of support back for everyone."

    It seems the poor are not entitled to a voice?

  2. Really, really, dislike the new topics format. Ugh. Totally a pain to browse, seems to take forever to load, and seems to be a detriment to both bloggers and readers. Can't you bring back the old form? Please?????

  3. coffeezombiephotog

    I've posted elsewhere on this matter. But seeing as this seems to be the main thread, I'd like to add my voice to the mix.

    Regardless of whether the disabling of Topics page is for a necessary fix or improvement...

    A. This should and could have been managed better. There are means and ways for coders to test changes before implementing changes live.

    B. If it wasn't possible to test before going live, communicating with the WP users beforehand would have helped. I find it worrisome that, aside from one very vague post from a staff member that's buried in a thread that's since been locked, there has been no further information regarding this issue. No timeline, no official update, no nothing.

    C. Not all blogs are online dairies; some of them are genuine attempts at building a business. The topics change is hurting our ability to build a reader base and network.

    I know WP is providing a free service to many people, I get that features need to be updated, tweaked and changed, and I'm all for that. But how this has been handled smacks of disrespect for WP's users.

    The bloggers here are a major contributor to WP's success, after all.

  4. Does the reference to users with paid upgrades mean anyone who paid the minimum for a yearly domain name, or are we talking about users who pay a higher amount for other site-related upgrades? Just wondering if my message will get through or not.

  5. @onlyfragments
    If you paid for any upgrade then you can access contact forum.

  6. thebirdingbunch

    I've not spoken up about this, yet :) If numbers make a difference, I'll add one more voice to the crowd. :)

    I've avoided using the reader as much as possible because of the slow load times. I used to enjoy going to the different topics now and again to find other blogs I'd be interested in, but now that it is within the Reader, I won't any longer. It was much easier to peruse many blogs in a shorter period of time when it was in the older format.

  7. just used the help button on dashboard to contact staff. so far, a fine example of exactly how not to roll out changes to an active and vociferous community....

  8. orchardparkway

    I am with all others on the change to topics. WP was ruined by this and the new email comments. I have NOT checked 'Notify me of followups posts by email', yet they probably will. It is like spam!

  9. The former topics page was a community-building tool and a major advantage of It was fantastic, a great way for me to see and be seen and to quickly identify those blogs I want to follow. This new development is a disappointment and cumbersome and leaves me with no incentive to concede to the limitations of, i.e. remain here..

  10. Can a staffer answer whether the scroll, scroll, scroll disaster is not a bug, but a feature to artificially build hits?

  11. I find I get less visits with this format as well, it's terrible....I hate browsing it this way.

  12. This probably doesn't need to be said, but if you CAN send a message to support regarding this issue, be sure to include a link to this thread. I sent a message in and I think the person who responded thought it was an issue on my end, so it's important to show how many people are experiencing the same thing.

  13. Ah, this good. Thanks. Finally, somebody appeared!

  14. If you're unhappy with the current topics reader setup because you think fewer people will see your latest post, please consider advertising your blog in the Showcase forum. I see the same people posting over and over there and it'd be great to see lots of new faces. :)

  15. Not much of a fan of the new reader. I think I would like to see something a little different that the current reader. As I post and read in ART I like to have smaller thumbnails, having to look at huge pictures slows down my search for new people to follow. but the scrolling is easier than the clicking. and I like how it has a "new posts" button I can click to update.

    I did go right to the showcase forum because I felt my recent post would be unseen... and I accidentally tag-spammed which placed me way, way down the reader once I fixed it.

  16. The new system is a mess. It takes sometimes five to ten minutes to load a topic that is listed on the topic page or on your reader page; even longer for a non-listed. The loaded blogs are not all the current ones (should be at least in the last 24 hours, better 48 hours) and as stated before, you can not find a blog because of the poor quality of the load. My blog’s hits for non-subscribers drooped off because people cannot see it. Also, I liked the old system where I could look at the bloger's Avatar write-up before I opened a post.

  17. _Everything_ in the popout menu under Reader returns a 0 instead of content, including 'Explore Topics'. It has been like this for several weeks. I have been unable to follow any blogs except by clicking back through old comments and so forth. I am sure this is not how WordPress is intended to work. Please help. Thank you.

  18. I am using Firefox 12.0 and MS XP SP3

  19. I was trying to find a way to give WordPress feedback and couldn't find anything, but I too would like to see the old Topics page. The new way is just to cumbersome and takes up too much space. I like the old format where I can see the blogs more easily and choose what I want to open up. What do we do to get them to change it back?

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