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Please Cancel my Guided Transfer Upgrade

  1. I just ordered, by mistake, the WordPress guided upgrade to transfer my .com to .org.

    I\'d like to cancel this order. I believe I only need to purchase a re-direct to serve my purposes.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I love and adore WP
    Blog url:

  2. Hi Larry,

    I've fully refunded you as requested.

    If you're simply trying to point your URL to a new site--yep, that would be a Site Redirect:

  3. hewsut,

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply, and refund.

    I may need to refund you my refund...

    I wanted to accomplish two things:

    1. Move all the content from .com to .org
    2. Redirect all visitors to .org

    I exported everything from .com, but got an error message.
    Nevertheless, I imported my computer file of .com to .org

    End result is:
    1. Most of my content transferred without a hitch
    2. Some of my content didn't transfer properly
    3. My redirect works a great deal of the time, but not all the time

    I gave it a try, but failed.
    If you think the transfer can be accomplished, I'd love you to do it. I'd love to have just one active blog, and not an active .com and .org.

    I'm sorry for being a major pain in the neck. My age is showing.


  4. Oh, goodness - no worries Larry! The simplest thing to do is just to go to Upgrades in your dashboard and buy the upgrade again from there. We'll then get you sorted :)

  5. hanni,

    Thanks a million!

  6. hanni,

    I purchased the upgrade, again, on 5-23-11. Looking forward to working with you.


  7. Hi Larry - thanks for your purchase! We are looking forward to working with you, too. :)


  8. Gentlemen,

    Good evening.
    Kindly tell me when we are going to start my transfer.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  9. It looks like we contacted you with a request for further info about half a day after your most recent purchase.

    Did the reply never arrive? Can you check your email's spam folder?

  10. Hi,

    I never received your email; and its not in my spam folder.
    Please re-send. I'll be sure to look.

    Did you send the email to my gmail address?
    If that doesn't work for you, can you post a comment on either legal blawg?

    Looking forward to your help and response.

  11. I just resent the email. Can you check you AOL email address that your account is set up with? Also, you may want to check the spam/junk folder as they sometimes get accidentally filtered into there. Thanks!

  12. Andrew,

    I responded to your email.


  13. Wonderful, thanks Larry. We'll get back to you shortly and handle the rest of things through that thread.

  14. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Kindly return the money I paid for your help in transferring my Blog from com to org, which never happened.

    I am very disappointed.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam

    I communicated with Paolo, and he is going to execute the guided transfer.

    Please disregard my prior post.

    Thank you.

  16. Paolo,

    Absolutely super job!
    I couldn't have done the transfer without your wonderful help.

    Thanks a million!

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