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Please Close My Account

  1. myownnamewasalreadytaken

    Hi. I searched the FAQ for an answer to this question, but was unable to find one. Please accept my apology in advance if the solution is there somewhere and I simply didn't search correctly or sufficiently comprehensively.

    I would like you please to delete my account and any associated personal information. Thank you.

  2. Dashboard -> Settings -> Delete blog, maybe?

  3. The blog may be deleted, but the username/account remains.

  4. myownnamewasalreadytaken

    Might I respectfully suggest that it's all well and good for you to tell me that maintaining my account "doesn’t hurt anything," but in this age of rampant data mining and privacy breaches on the part of the US federal government and other agencies, it's not unreasonable for a user to request that all traces of his or her account be removed.

    Also, frankly, based on some of the responses I've received here from moderators, you don't seem like the sort of people with whom I feel comfortable trusting my personal data. I really couldn't care less whether removing my account will "break your software"; that is your problem, not mine, and in my opinion you should get some better software that won't break so easily. I hope you will please consider remedying this issue in the near future. Thank you.

  5. @mrmxyztplk-the WordPress.COM forums are staffed for the most part by user-volunteers who have no access to your account or your blog's back end.

    You'd be better off directing your comments to the people who run the place by clicking on the support link in your blog's Dashboard.


  6. wigwam2theorem

    I have to agree with mrmxyztplk. This is simply not acceptable. WordPress needs to put this at the top of their priority list, even ahead of any bug fixes that are not security related.

  7. Speaking of trusting wordpress, I can say with full honesty that I would trust them more than I would trust say Google or Facebook. You instantly get a comfortable feeling here versus you do anywhere else. Try seeking help on Google or Facebook if you're a non-technical person and you'd get the idea.

  8. myownnamewasalreadytaken

    Arifsali, admittedly I haven't tried seeking tech support on the sites you mention, because I haven't needed to. However, I have successfully closed a Google account with no difficulty.

    I'm glad your experiences here at WordPress have been positive. Personally, in my limited experience here I have seen some very snotty answers given to both myself and others.

  9. No doubt, one can easily close the Google account (not sure why it may be difficult if you contact Support directly), but I have to wonder if you have gotten snotty answers from the paid support staff or the volunteers here at the forum? There would be a big difference.

  10. i think mrmxyztplk is referring to this thread and s/he got replies from volunteers. if i may add my two cents in, mrmxyztplk, i don't think the volunteers meant to be rude - they just get straight to the point and may come off a little more than brusque sometimes. i've been around the forums for two years and i've seen ruder replies, for sure! :)

  11. @wigwam2theorem-Again, make your opinion known by contacting WordPress.COM Support directly from the link in your Dashboard. The forum volunteers have no control or input about this.

    @mrmxyztplk- On a private blog here on, the only person who decides who gets mailed an invite to join the blog is the blog owner. As such, posting in a Support forum about wanting to join what was then perceived to be a private blog was pointless. The information given by rain and vivian in that thread was factual, even if it wasn't well-received. As sulz just said (glad I refreshed), if this comes off as being brusque...(shrug).

    @arifsali-On a day-to-day basis, the support forum is user-to-user mostly. Staff and Mods come through regularly and we all try to keep this a friendly place. While we can control how we say things, we can't control how they're perceived by others. This is the great problem with no visual cues in the written word.

  12. @mrmxyztplk's "I really couldn't care less whether removing my account will "break your software"; that is your problem, not mine"

    I don't think that was an extremely nice thing to say. If you couldn't care less about our software, why join in the first place?

    I understand that you do not trust people with your data, but did you have to phrase things so condescendingly?

  13. myownnamewasalreadytaken

    Lizii, sorry for any misunderstanding. What I meant was that the inadequacies of WordPress's software *shouldn't* be our problem. Deleting an account is a basic function that should not create havoc within a sufficiently robust system. And again, it's not WordPress's place to tell users that maintaining a dormant account here "doesn’t hurt anything."

    As for why I joined in the first place, it was to ask a question about a particular blog. I gave no thought one way or the other to your software when I made the decision.

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