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Please Comment on my blog

  1. I just revamped my blog by adding pages to clean up my sidebar:
    Is it acceptable to remove the Categories link to clean it up? Does anyone have other ideas?

  2. Looks cool! My sidebar needed cleaning up too and I'm now using Andreas09 by Andreas Viklund and Ainslie Johnson which has two sidebars. Never knew that template even had two sidebars.

  3. Should add a custon header.

  4. nosysnoop:Thanks for the praise!

  5. nosysnoop:Thanks for the praise!

  6. I think it's very tidy looking. Good work. I also agree with patriotsfan. It could use an attractive colourful header.

  7. I have thought about a custom header butam not sure what to use for one or how do do one.

  8. Find somebody that knows how to do graphics.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion to find somebody who knows how to do graphics. Now that I think about it, there are a couple of people to ask for help.

  10. @scrunchyy
    Photographs can also be used in headers so it you have photos of the crafts you're making and the tools and materials you use to make them then you could make a header from the photo(s).

  11. Thanks for the ideas! I do have some items that could be used. I will play around with them in the next couple of days and see what i can do.

  12. Interesting blog, but needs a different theme or colour pics...

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