Please consider me a thick novice ! Post links ?

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    One page of my blog is intended for interviews with other authors. I want to be able to send them a link ( or anyone) to their own interview. Is this possible without them having to scroll down the page to find it?
    Thank you
    Blog url:



    Just click the post’s title or it’s URL.

    For example, “Constancy”:


    Thanks Macmanx. But… on the page for Author’s Interview I want Ilil Arbel’s name to come up as part of her link and one for the next author. It doesn’t seem to do that on there as it does with the Constancy title..or am I missing something obvious?



    That’s because the title of that page is “Welcome to Author’s Interviews,” so the link is

    To change the link, you would have to actually edit the page, and click the “Edit” button next to the Permalink below the page’s title.


    So, the page remains Welcome to author’s Interviews. But… when I add another interview I can amend the permalink below the title to add Ilil Arbel to the title and on the next one add a new name on the permalink ????? Or am I getting this all wrong? I’m trying to avoid creating a new page for each interview but still give each author a link to their own interview. I’m sorry if I’m not making myself too clear or not understanding very well.



    Well, you could do that, but it would get kind of messy.

    Why not have just one page for each interview, and use to link to those pages?


    Thank you very much for the help Macmanx. I had thought of individual pages but thought the titles streaming across the top of the page would be excessive, but it would seem to work your way.
    I’m very grateful.


    I have now created the second interview on another page but don’t seem to be able to establish a link between the interview pages.



    Taking a look at what you have, here’s what I would do.

    Create a new page for “Interview with Ilil Arbel” including the content of “Welcome to Author’s Interviews.”

    Then, change the content of “Welcome to Author’s Interviews” to nothing but a little blurb about it and links to “Interview with Ilil Arbel” and “Interview with C.V.Smith.”

    Then, override the current menu with your own at Appearance -> Menus in the Dashboard so that the two interview pages are part of a drop-down menu below “Welcome to Author’s Interviews.”

    See this for more info, and a video tutorial:

    For an example of what I’m referring to, check out the “Gallery” link at

    Notice how all of my galleries appear as drop-downs below “Gallery” while the “Gallery” link itself is just a page that links to the other galleries.


    OK. Right now I’m looking for a loaded gun to shoot myself. I still have both interviews on the front but have lost the ‘Home’ page marker-though the home page is there, and the ‘about’ page marker as well as Interviews with other authors as a header.
    I went into Dashboard
    to Apearance
    to Menus
    Created Wlcome to Author’s Interviews as a Primary Navigation and then the two separate interviews below that as custom links
    Have now managed to get home, about me and welcome to..back on main page but still can’t see the interviews appearing only on a drop down menu from the Welcome to Author’s Interviews.
    Before I pull the trigger please come to my rescue….speak in English a child of five could understand, make me stand in a corner but put me right please…….


    Check the menus page again and note that moving an item below and to the right of another item will make it into a subpage. You should be able to drag items around, save changes, and then view the site to see how it looks.

    I noticed you are using the Pilcrow theme and there is not much space to show long titles in a subpage menu on that theme. I would recommend making the page titles for the individual interviews with just the name. The “Interview with” part of the title on every single one seems repetitive in a list. You can change it on the pages themselves or you can set a Navigation Label for each menu item separately on the Appearance → Menus page.


    Thank you so much. It now looks how I wanted it to . I’m afraid anything in the least technological just baffles me and yet you made it seem so easy. I owe you.


    No problem. We’re here to help!

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