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    Hello! I’d like to clear of all content so I can start over fresh! The site is telling me I can request that of the support team, especially since I can’t seem to access any bulk-deletion options that the Empty My Site section says exists, but do not.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    You can bulk delete your posts or pages from the WP Admin section.
    – Go to
    – Click on Posts – All Posts
    – Select all your posts and in the bulk actions drop down select ‘Move to Trash’.
    – Click on Apply.

    All your posts will be moved to trash. Same goes with pages.

    Please let us know how that goes!



    Hi there,

    You can delete site content or site permanently, by following steps in below tutorial link.

    I am tagging this thread modlook, so staff can you help you.



    Thank you! The first link seems to have done the trick; I wasn’t able to find or get to the Dashboard, so all the directions I was getting for mass-selecting posts were not working for me. As a followup: without just memorizing the URL, what’s the easiest way to get to the Dashboard after logging in? When I click My Sites it takes me to something completely different.




    Good to know that it worked. :)
    In My Sites when you scroll all the way down you’ll see a WP Admin option. When you click there it will take you to the dashboard of your site.

    If you don’t see that, can you please provide a screenshot of what you see that is different?




    Hey there, most new accounts created within the last 2-3 years don’t have the link to WP Admin in the MySites dashboard sidebar.

    The fastest way to get there is by adding /wp-admin/ to your site address and the easiest way to get there is by adding that link as a bookmark in your browser. Hope that helps.



    Thank you for that, @justjennifer, and thank you for your help too, @vinnykaur and @manisharaut2019.

    @prettylarsony, please let us know if you need more help.

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