please delete & simalalignmentdotcom.wordpress.cok

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    I have not chosen a blog domain name yet for sure, why do I have these set up. This must have happened by chance as I intend to do a paid .com domain any time now

    The blog I need help with is



    If you don’t want these sites any longer, here is how you can delete them:

    Please note that once deleted, you can never get them back, not the content and not the address.

    When you say you “intend to do a paid. com any time now” do you mean you are setting up a site using the standalone WordPress software or you want to connect your address to a domain name? If the latter, you’ll still need a site to map/connect to the domain name, so delete wisely.

    Also, please review the Terms of Service to confirm that any intended site conforms to the types of sites allowed.



    thank you justjennifer for telling me how to delete. I appreciated your help very much.


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