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    Hi Folks,

    I rely a lot on trackbacks to interact with the blogs I deal with. Obviously within wordpress the trackbacking works superbly. I also have no problem with trackbacking with blogger.

    But 95% of the time, trackbacks to powerblogs or typepad simply don’t work.

    I encourage wordpress brass to fix this. If we are able to trackback to the big boys, then we get more traffic. More traffic for us means more money for you (I think).



    How strange and here I was thinking we were well on our way to becoming the “big boys”. Type who? [This is not meant as an offence or as a minimization of your issue, of course:)].


    Member (according to the front page) currently has around 172000 accounts, of which approximately 10% are empty blogs created purely for Akismet purposes. But in terms of big boy ‘A-list’ blogs which get the majority of the publicity and traffic… well, there’s Scoble. That’s it.



    I can’t seem to get internal trackbacks to work reliably – you know, between posts in my own blog. I was going to use it to create a link between related articles, like posts which talk of updates to an original project.

    Some trackbacks work ok, creating a comment.
    Some trackbacks never work, which is a problem.
    Some get trapped by the Askimet spam filter, but that’s ok because I can mark it as not spam.

    In the trackback box I put http://url/of/original/post/trackback/ which I believe is correct as far as I have fathomed. Am I right to include the http:// ?



    My internal trackbacks always work.

    The above comment is right, Scoble is the only WordPress Big Boy.

    I have aspirations and a realistic chance but without trackbacking I’m not going to get anywhere.



    I hate to sound negative but maybe the bigboys are just not accepting the trackbacks from you folks. Weblogs Tools Collection doesn’t accept mine anymore after I posted a comment from them when they didn’t understand a copyright issue about a spinoff of WordPress a few weeks ago. haven’t had a comment accepted since then.




    Mark from Weblogs Tools Collection has been in contact with me and we’ve discussed the matter. He does not have any policy in place where to disallow any trackbacks from any site nor does he moderate first before letting them show up. He has stated that the issue involved was probably technical in nature and I believe him.

    And, no, don’t start spamming his site with trackbacks. :)


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