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    Here is my original post …then just when it looked like I was going to get some help from a nice person who responded in swooped a moderator to close down the topic…why? I will let you know when the topic had been answered and is all tapped out please don’t create more work for me when if WordPress were following their own T and C’s I wouldn’t have to do any extra work at all. Here it is:

    The blog address once again is it’s my blog …I own it and have owned it for approximately 10 years before you decided it no longer fit with your political viewpoints and agenda so you censored it as though you have some moral imperative to decide what people should and should not be able to read because they are all too simple and stupid to decide for themselves…thank you for filtering out all of the content you don’t like for us.

    In everyone of your answers to all of the people you did the same thing to who are wondering where their 10 years of work byproduct went you tell us that only the terms and conditions people can discuss that with people and that we aren’t allowed to discuss your terms and conditions publicly…why? why can’t we discuss the terms and conditions you want everyone to abide by? Don’t you think you owe people some explanation before you delete or suspend 10 years (or even 1 yr or 1 week) of their work ? It’s your terms and conditions that seem to be ever changing ….sort of like trying to hit a moving target. I think that we should have a long and loud discussion about the censorship by wordpress and facebook and twitter and google and all of the rest of you who think that you should be the arbiters of what people can read and what they can’t. You are on the wrong side of this issue and on the wrong side of history and I am actively encouraging congress to come down on all of you and exempt you from the protections the law currently provides you because there is a large and growing body of people who are fed up.

    For the record this blog started back in 2008 and was owned by me and my girlfriend did most of the blogging that name back then was “A Girl Who Know’s her own Mind” and she was ‘cameronisright’ and the email address was a address or a gmail address for her. Then it became “The Right Wing Extremist”a couple or more years later. One of the names I used was “caretaker” and you can see that my name appears on this blog as the owner all over it. I don’t remember which address I used during this time but I can show you screenshots with my name on them from my blog. (roger alvey) when you look up the url you will get an email address thats associated with the account and if you tell me the first 2 letters I will give you the rest of it. The also nuked another blog of mine called “” that I would also like to transfer away from the censors. The remarkable thing is that I hadn’t posted to either blog for probably at least a year and for 10 years the content was just fine …until it wasn’t which tells me that you people need to get your shit together because it shouldn’t take 4 emails to get a response. AND I would like to discuss the terms and conditions you impose on the conservatives in the crowd but no one else …why? Now leave this thread and post alone until I get an answer to where are my blogs and how do i get them away from you

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Please see the reply you received in

    We do not help with suspended sites in the forums, so please contact our terms of service team via the form at for more help with this. If you’ve already contacted them, please be patient while waiting for a reply from them via email.

    I’m closing this thread to further replies. If you continue posting new threads about this, your ability to post in these support forums will also be suspended.

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