Please Explain this solution for removing featured images in posts Bueno Theme

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    I’d like to remove featured images from within my posts in the bueno theme. It looks like another user wanted to do the same thing but I don’t understand the solution that was posted for him. Can someone please explain? I’m still learning css… Here’s the link for the original thread.

    Specifically, I don’t know what is or how to access the single.php file.

    Edit the single.php file and add:

    <?php woo_get_image(‘image’,490,200); ?>
    between the and div.entry elements. (So it looks like the index.php which renders the way you’re looking for on the main blog page.)

    The blog I need help with is



    The reason you don’t understand it is because it is an instruction for the self-hosted sites. You cannot edit the templates on I am not sure if there is a solution to your problem on excet from rediting each post and removing the featured image.



    I’m new to wordpress and all these foruns. I bought the Bueno theme because i wanted to have featured posts on the right side column, and the overall designed was cool.
    Now that I have, I’m unable to make featured posts appear with a small image on the right side ( as in the Bueno demo here )

    My blog is this one:
    Can you help me please?


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