Please give me an idiots guide to setting up a site!

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    I have a blog and it still has the wordpress sub domain in the URL, i understand i need to buy the domain mapping thing, but what after that?

    Please number the steps i should take, in order, to get my site running (Hosting etc.), i really appreciate it!


    The blog I need help with is



    Domain mapping here just changes the name of the blog you are still hosted here with the same Terms of Service etc. So you don’t need to look for new hosting you just keep writing on the same site

    You have already started blogging on your site – you can change the name with domain mapping any time –

    You might want to start with the More Tag to make your front page load quicker

    This should help you get started:

    The Support Documents that we leave links to in the forum all the time:


    So i won’t be able to apply for adsense if i do buy domain mapping?.

    Say i purchased a domain on godaddy, could i export my blog and still edit and move new posts to that site from wordpress?, as i don’t have any web development software.

    Thanks for getting back to me.


    Also, is domain mapping automatic?, do i have to do anything complicated or do wordpress take care of that?



    So i won’t be able to apply for adsense if i do buy domain mapping?.

    Correct – no Adsense nor can you sell your own ads – they do have a program called Ad Words that you can apply for – but you need a ton of traffic to make even Pizza money

    Note on Ads: most bloggers don’t even cover the cost of hosting with Ad revenue

    Say i purchased a domain on godaddy, could i export my blog and still edit and move new posts to that site from wordpress?

    You can move contents easily – Export from your blog here – Import to your blog at another host – you would need to set up the Widgets and things in the sidebar and any header stuff etc as that will not export – but no extra software needed

    Also, is domain mapping automatic?,

    Domain Mapping is not Automatic but it is not very hard – you have some boxes to fill in and values to change – usually takes a few minutes and then some time for the changes to reach the far corners of the internet (24 to 72 hours for everything to calm down)


    If i get the godaddy domain, will i be able to edit my content on wordpress, export it and be able use adsense?

    Or am i still obligated to follow the wordpress terms of service?
    Surely i can use adsense if i do that, no?



    You can buy a domain name from Godaddy if you want and there are several other hosts out there:

    Does not matter where you buy a domain name from – as long as you have your blog here – mapped or not you can’t do Adsense –

    If you move to another host then you are bound by their Terms of Service – most hosts do allow Ads – but WordPress.COM does not allow user placed ads – your “Free”blog is financed in part by Ads that WordPress.COM will place on blogs here from time to time unless you have the No Ads Upgrade (I do on the site linked to my name)

    If you are on another host then you would edit your site on the new host – but you can export from here when you move so you don’t need to start all over


    So the first step would be to buy a domain, e.g. godaddy.
    Then edit it from godaddy?, that seems easy.

    Adsense really is a must for me. =/



    yes buying a domain name would be first thing and map it to your blog here – you can buy a domain name here if you want – good service and low price – then if you move you just point the name servers to the new host

    You need content and traffic for your site for any ad system to work – so put more content on your site and get used to writing – then export when you are ready – no need to move tomorrow with a five day old blog and probably not much traffic – learning how to make your Posts look good and getting used to the editor and such is easier when you don’t have to worry about setting up a site finding Plug-ins and such

    why is Adsense a must? if you don’t mind


    You probably won’t believe me, but i have had 5,000 visitors to my last post in 8 hours. You’re probably right, i’m rushing it a little.

    A friend of mine runs a site called and he uses wordads and he says it is worthless. I have experience with adesense on YouTube, so i’d feel a little more comfortable using it.

    Thanks a lot for the help, Auxclass! =)



    You be welcome

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