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    I have a website and want to put a blog on one of my pages, i do not want a link to a blog so people are directed out of my site i just want to integrate an existing blog. My site is hosted by 1and1, and i used their website builder tool to build my site, they have a blog tool as well which is seemingly run by wordpress although it seems to have completely different layouts and no where near as many, and i think less options for other things. Also i am not able to put it onto my site i have to provide an external link to it. So i deleted that blog and registered for a free blog with wordpress but still can not see an option to intergrate this blog into my website. I am sure this is really easy but really don’t know how.

    I have found a theme which is similar to my website, which will do, i just need to know how to put it onto my site.

    I would really appreciate any help people maybe able to give.



    sorry, you need to head over to We are running a hosted version of the WordPress software that won’t do what you need.

    Read Me First



    The hosted version will not allow to integrates into your own website. You may eventually (I am not sure, check with staff) create a sub-domain of yours like and have it point to the homepage of your hosted WordPress blog but that about it.

    Another (maybe) option would be to display your WordPress hosted blog on your site within what we call IFrames, but here again I do not know if WP hosted infrastructure will allow you do this.

    Otherwise, your only option is probably to get your own copy of the software (not just pages) on as judyb12 pointed out.

    Hope this helps, private message me if you need to.



    I had a gut feeling you would say that, can you tell me something, if i put an rss feed on the page will it show the recent posts from my blog on my website with a link to the feed, or is it just and external link?



    Thanks for that Flex, want to know a little more about this IFrames thing, can anyone confirm if this is enabled on WP, if so ho do i go about doing it?



    You have to be more precise:

    “if i put an rss feed on the page”
    which page, what site, yours, WP…

    “with a link to the feed”
    there is no link to the feed, there is either the feed RSS address, or a link to each post (unless I am misunderstanding you).

    Tell me in detail everything you have in mind, take the time to write it and I will answer it to the best of my knowledge.



    “want to know a little more about this IFrames thing, can anyone confirm if this is enabled on WP, if so ho do i go about doing it”

    once again I am not part of the staff, but what I can safely say is that WP will only confirm that displaying your hosted blog pages within IFrame on your site violates or does not violate any of their security measures (they are a little too tight for my taste, so I really do not know).

    Then, implementing the IFrame will be your duty, they will have nothing to do with it since it will take place on your site and everything outside of domain is none of their business or concerns.

    You can find out more about IFrame here:



    Hi Flex, i am simply trying to find a simple way of getting my blog on my webpage. I thought perhaps that my blogs RSS feed might be put onto my website but only if it shows the last few blogs posted. If not then it is pointless, the RSS feed idea will only be used as a last option if i am not able to put my blog (completely) on my web page by other means.

    I hope this is clear



    Hi, i have just been having a look at the IFrames but have realised if i put that coding on my site then people will not be able to post a response to my blog on this page, is that right?!



    I got it now, and you did too actually. It is all what RSS (the format in which the content of blogs goes from server to server, or actually web entity to web entity) is about…

    It is called syndication, the same way you can use RSS to feed your blog, you can use the same RSS to have someone syndicating it for you to millions other bloggers, or you can also use the same RSS to get the feed on your email client, or to post a limited version of the content on yet another web site etc…

    So I foreseen you being able to display the content of your WP hosted blog on your separate website using RSS, it is called consuming the feed. There are few things you need to get to know or get ready for:

    1/ RSS is text, period (actually not quiet, but in our case here I am pretty sure it is). It means no widget, no template, no stats etc.. You will have to build the pages or place some sort of RSS client on your site that will consume your RSS feed(s).

    Let’s say WordPress is your secretary, when you are hosted here and are yourself in your office here, then you get full secretary service including coffee and housekeeping. However, from your hotel room in Paris all you will get from your secretary is call forwarding.

    Well, the secretary is WordPress, you are the client, your existing website is your hotel room in Paris and call forwarding is RSS ;o)

    2/ You need to check with the staff here what kind of feed you can get, you want one where

    a) articles are not truncated, meaning you get the whole thing on the other end of the tube (your site) because sometimes RSS feeds only provide the first lines of each articles and then link to the full version on the original blog, which is helpful when you are the author and want people to come to your site at one point but not so when the author is actually the consumer of the feed… like you are!

    b) comments are also provided (do you allow people to see comment on your site, and do you want them to see the comments?) That may be a problem because comments may not be part of the main RSS feed for your blog but I do not know, maybe yes. Ask the staff.

    Hope this helps.



    You cut me short, I just talked about that on my previous reply… LOL
    Now, ask the staff if you can get:

    1/ A RSS feed with all full articles in full version
    2/ A RSS feed with all comments

    Then, find a RSS client to integrate into your HTML pages. I usually code those by hand as part of my developments, so I do not know any but RSS is meant for this scenario and as the simplest possible format for your feed, you should have no problem integrating it in even static, flat HTML pages.



    Oops, actually… your commenting should be working in IFrame as well! It is not binary, there is no media, no player, the only thing I can see being a problem is cross domain security check. Ask the staff:

    Can I display my WP hosted pages (those they serve from WP servers) on my static pages (hosted on my separate server) within IFrame? If so, will the link to post comment work now that it will be displayed within an IFrame from a domain other than WordPress.?



    Displaying your blog elsewhere using a frame will probably work.
    But we do not support it in any way.



    Mark I am going to start believing you are a Robot, and you are watching every of my moves because of my previous posts around LOL You just came out of nowehere ;o)

    tidea, you got your solution (but have to deal with it)

    I am out, bye everybody.



    LOL, thanks so much Flex! (and Mark)





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