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    Sorry guys if I sound really dumb asking these following questions,
    I really have tried to find the answers.

    Q1 – Simple instructions please on how to move the EMAIL US down
    the LH sidebar so it appears between store info and recent posts?

    Q2 – The ‘tagline” asked for in General Options which briefly
    describes the blog. Where should it display and how to get it
    to display?

    Q3 – Under writing options I deleted “uncategorized” category.
    Is this important at all and what do I need to do to fix?

    Q4 – Sort of an expansion on the above question, because I
    have no “uncategorized” category, my default post and default
    bookmark is showing as one of my categories – ATC. Will this

    Q5 – Looking at the published blog, after the posting date there
    are tags in brackets. These tags link to wordpress blogs. Can
    this or should this be changed so it only applies within my blog?

    Thanks Guys
    Hope this makes sense and I am not embarassing myself too much
    by asking this questions.

    Appreciation in advance
    Lainey @ Scrapbook Designs



    I’d like to recommend that you read the FAQ’s it’s an excellent reference just chock full of really useful information.

    (1) As your “email us” in the sidebar is not part of the programming in your theme I assume you created it with a text widget. You can drag and drop all your widgets in your sidebar into the positions you want them in.
    dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets
    Sometimes they are difficult to “convince” with regard to positioning but if you persevere they will drag and drop where you want them to be. Once you’ve done that don’t forget to click “save changes” on the bottom right hand side.

    (2) tagline create and display
    dashboard -> options
    general options – second line down – type tagline filling in the blank box – click “update options” on the bottom right hand side.

    (3)and(4) deleting the uncategorized category is probably not a recommended act as this was your default category. So if you have not created another default category well … you can see the choices on that page and act accordingly. The bottom line is you need to have two default categories one for bookmarks and one for posts.

    (5)I leave it to drmike our forum Moderator or staff to deal with your last question on tags.

    Welcome and BTW there are not just guys at WordPress there are girls too and I’m one of them. ;)

    And don’t forget this



    Lainey, more answers:

    1. What TT said.
    2. It’s theme dependent. If the original theme designer chose to display the tag line it will appear, if not it won’t.
    3. Not a great problem, Do you have new default catgories? It should define a new category automatically. I tend to just rename “uncategorised” rather than delete it as I’ve never been able to figure out how to change it.
    4. You can redefine new default categories. If you figure it out can you let me know please? ;)
    5. The tags are the categories that you choose when you’re writing the post. By default these link to the community tag list. I don’t believe there’s a way to change that. The same categories that are in your sidebar (if you’re using widgets, put them in!) will link back to your own blog.





    5) Afraid not. Lorelle has a method of working in your own tags though. (I think that’s the article I’m thinking of)

    If you need more help, please let me know. Kind of slammed today.

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