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Please help asap?

  1. yourkinkywedding

    Hi, ok I would like to add more photos to this post…enge-pattern-s/

    as you can see there is no way to add media button on this post

  2. yourkinkywedding

  3. yourkinkywedding

  4. Sorry about that, you should be able to add images now. Thanks for brining this to our attention!

  5. yourkinkywedding

    I made a temporary post - as you can see there is no add media button?
    Thanks for all of your help!

  6. Please see my reply above. :)

  7. yourkinkywedding

    Your the best? Why did this happen? Was it something I did which wouldn't surprise me. Thanks

  8. I'm not sure, we're looking into it. It seems to be related to the Image post format.

  9. jreferphotography

    I tried again, still same problem.

  10. yourkinkywedding

    Macmanx hooked me up! Post a temporary real post of your screen shot so he can see it and then he actually went in and fixed it. Good luck!

  11. jreferphotography

    I think I did that in my last post above. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  12. You're all fixed up now.

  13. jreferphotography

    No, it's still the same. When I try to add a new post through the Dashboard/Posts/Add New there is still no add media button, just the add poll and add contact form. If I go under the W in the upper left I can do it that way, which I have been able to all along, it's just adding media through the dashboard that is not working.

  14. Sorry about that!

    Please try again now.

  15. jreferphotography

    I'm good to go now, thank you!!

  16. You're welcome!

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