Please help! Cancelled hosting today – can I use domain here? More info included

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    Hello! I really need some help here and would appreciate constructive feedback. On August 12, 2013 – just a few days ago – I joined iPage and bought a domain name, SiteLock, and SiteBackup. I chose to use as my application because I have had the free for years and love it. However, I was naïve and did not realize how much work it would be. I was doing okay, figuring things out. Nevertheless, I kept running into snags. I figured out how to do WPMU and was successful until the biggest snag of all popped up. Randomly a huge HTML wall would upload on the screen when I would try to do anything in the WP application. If I wanted to post, delete a post, update a theme, etc – this wall would appear and I would have to stop the page and refresh it for it to work. It was getting annoying so I set out to fix it. In the process, I was in contact with some brilliant people over at (seriously awesome folks). However, after following instructions to uninstall and reinstall the WP application through iPage’s SimpleScripts I was unable to log back into my wp-admin page. After three hours chatting with iPage support we couldn’t figure it out and I opted to just forget the whole thing and get a partial refund / cancel my hosting through iPage. So, here I am… with a domain name and pretty upset over the three day (felt like a month) non-stop issue-filled website process. I figured I at least use the domain name on a free site but after trying to register my website name on the blog… it says that it is ‘reserved’. I have been searching both and and am not figuring this out. Please help! Here are two major questions:

    1) What does it mean when I try to register my website name as a blog name and it says that it is reserved?
    2) Is it possible to use my iPage domain for a account?


    I would like to add that I have read WP Change Name Servers and was able to complete the first step, but couldn’t do the second step because of not being able to name my blog the same as my website.



    1) A blog is reserved for each account name, if you have an account name of abcxyz then the blog name is reserved for that name.

    2) you should be able to use the domain name as long is you can change the name servers to point to WordPress.COM. If the names servers can’t be changed then you will probably need to transfer it to another registrar that lets name servers be changed

    NOTE: You don’t need to have a blog that matches the custom domain name – domain mapping just puts your custom domain name on top of your WordPress.COM blog

    i.e. your name can be mapped to and will show up on the browser address bar


    Sweet! I will try it out. Thank you very much!



    You be welcome & good luck


    It worked great, thank you again!



    I love it when a plan comes together

    You be welcome & good luck

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