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Please help... cannot get images to load at correct size

  1. On the old dashboard I had changed my settings on Benevolence to present larger images, 600px wide. I am a pro-photographer and switched from blogger to wordpress because larger images were possible and presentation was more impressive. I have viewed the new tutorial on loading images, but it doesn't matter if I resize them myself or allow the system to "crunch" the image size for me, when I select "full size" I get what I would consider a medium sized presentation. Any advice on how to get those images to load to fill up that 600px again? I had a system before that worked fine. Thanks for any info.

  2. I've posted twice this week and not one reply... am I too unpopular? Are my questions too hard?

  3. Hello Ashley I suggest you contact wordpress support when it resumes again (Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM Pacific Time)

  4. Also go to settings>media and check out for the tweeks there

  5. There are several threads on the issue already, which is why nobody posted to yours. Why not click through the forum threads on images and uploading and read the suggestions there? We've been swamped to say the least and have tried to keep all the answers to a few threads so it's more useful for everyone.

    Don't contact support. Trust me, they already know. In spades!

  6. I have been reading through past threads. Read through them all last night and none of them addressed this issue specifically. That's why I'm asking today :). Trust me... I can see that you guys are swamped. I really tried to find an answer before I posted. SO... once again... I ask... how do I get my images to load at 600px wide? Thank you.

  7. You cannot obviously load images at 600px wide as that space is not destined to be accommodated by your blog. Instead, post your pictures as thumbnails, linking them to the full sized pictures.

    Hope you'd find my suggestion useful.


  8. I had edited benevolence prior to the dashboard change to accept 600px wide pictures and it was working just fine until the change. Is there no solution now?

  9. There IS a solution. I read it last night. I just can't find it this morning. It's in one of the Image threads. Maybe click on Support at the bottom of the page and skim some of the titles of the threads that have been posted since Friday.

  10. Solutions might exist. Keep trying. Have you tried resizing the picture to 600px wide you wanted to post in your writing space while you are posting something?


  11. There IS a solution. I read it last night. I just can't find it this morning. It's in one of the Image threads. Maybe click on Support at the bottom of the page and skim some of the titles of the threads that have been posted since Friday.

  12. I had trouble in FF, but they went away with IE.

  13. Ashley, to get your images to load at specific width which you want (rather than that WP thinks you should) now you have to:

    0. upload images, previously resized at desired width (e.g. 600px) into so called 'Media Library';
    1. click on the tiny thumbnail of the image, now you should see your image at full size;
    2. copy its URL (address) into clipboard;
    3. get back to your post editing page;
    4. click on the 'Tree' icon on the 'Visual' editor toolbar, it pops up 'Insert/Edit Image' dialog;
    5. paste the URL you've copied on step #2 into 'Image URL' field;

    6. repeat all steps (goto #1) for every image you want to place in a post until done!

    So simple and intuitive, isn't?

    And, by the way, nice photos, but the captions that got attached to them are simply hilarious! Here's the screenshot of just one of such:

  14. tisme! YOU ROCK! THANK YOU. all this, before I've even tried it... ha! I just appreciate you taking the time to write it all out for me. If I knew you lived close, I'd take you to lunch :).

  15. ashleykphotography,
    if you want to get it done using FEWER steps, then the following tutorial will help you.

    there is NO need to go to the media library. the image url can be copied right at the moment it's uploaded to the wordpress server. this process is preferable if you use lots of images in your blog - saves labour and time!

    learn how to easily insert full-aize images in a blog

    it also includes step-by-step images, so it is very novice-friendly. :D

  16. Also:

    1. Upload image
    2. Insert Into Post - Full Size
    3. Click on the image in the editor
    4. See the little anchor squares around the image? Click the one at the image's bottom right, and drag it to any size you like.

    Works in Firefox but not Safari. I can't speak for IE. Provided you use the anchors on the corners and not the side, it'll ensure that the aspect ratio remains the same (it won't look squashed).

    Edit: there was a bug that prevented this from working. It's fixed now.

  17. drag it to ANY size you like

    technically speaking you can also ENLARGE your images in this way. but enlarging an image in this way is NOT recommended, cos the image will look jagged and undesirable.

  18. OK, WordPress has just pissed me off.

    I scale my pix on the PC to 440-px wide.

    Now when I upload them into my theme -- which can accommodate *450-px wide* -- WordPress is telling the photo to go ONLY ** 400-px ** wide!

    WTF is this BS?!

    I was getting 440 px fine until some hebephrenic over at the WP bunker decided to jerk off with the damned code again!!

    What contortions do I have to go through *now* to get my 440-px wide images to STAY that way when I specify FULl SIZE?!

  19. Who is the WP bean curd who decided IMG code should change for FULL SIZE from THIS:

    < img src="" alt="pottersville001.jpg" / >

    To THIS abomination:

    < img src="" alt="" width="400" height="266" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2233" / >

    Note that first string of code was the way images USED to work when specifying full size on my blog.

    Now I'm getting frikkin dimensions implanted which, if I change 400 to 440, screw up the image in the other dimension!

  20. I have just yelled at Support about this issue.

  21. Whatever change they did -- on purpose or by mistake -- took place on the 20th. Posts before then did not have dimension specs in them as they do now.

  22. Mike,

    The procedure for adding a large image is shown here:

    It inserts the image at your theme's maximum width (or 400px if the theme doesn't have a fixed width) so that it's a manageable size in the editor. You can use the corner anchors to resize it to any size you like without distorting the aspect ratio.

  23. Listen, bugger that!

    It was working PROPERLY before the 20th. Who is the meathead that thought CHANGING it was a good frikkin idea?

    Shove those anchor points. The damned code should KNOW wtf my theme's width is -- BlogDesk knows it and it's not even from WP!

  24. I have added an Update 7 to my post. You can see my full disapproval there:

  25. Mike,

    I just tested and re-tested and I get a correctly sized 450px wide image with the Sapphire theme. If you're seeing something different can you please be specific? If there's something incorrect in that FAQ, can you please tell me what it is?

  26. Tellyworth: Support emailed me to tell me this is a known problem.

    This is my reply to them today (the next day):

    It's now the next day. I've just inserted an image. I see it's still implanting dimensions, but this time the width is correct! Excellent! Thank you!


    I really and truly wish there was a Bug Blog that we could all turn to, so we could see that WP *knows* of such things. It would have saved a great deal of wear and tear on my soul!

  27. I had similar problems and finally, after fiddling and dealing with frustrations for the better part of a day, I realized I had to edit the CSS of my theme. It took most of the rest of the day to figure out how to do that, and then after all that when I went to save the new CSS it told me free blogs are not allowed to do that. GRRRRRRRRR!

  28. Now I see why Mike got the "rest" from the forums he is currently enjoying.

    I have since found an easier way to do this. Put the image into your blog, "full size", then click the Image icon and delete "Class" info and size info. It automatically goes to real full size.

  29. Rain, that's at least a half-baked solution.
    What would be best is if WP didn't feel the need to think this through FOR us. Or, at least, as with many of the other features, give us a damm check box so we can OPT OUT of automatic image resizing.

    It's one of those "features" that "bugs" smart people
    and dumb people aren't smart enough to appreciate.

  30. Why, thank you. You know how hard I work for you.

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