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    I am trying to contact the owner of calamityjanesbeautyblog and when i post comments it just says awaiting moderation and i never get a reply, also she doesn’t have any way to contact her and i need to ask her a question. I’ve looked everywhere and have had no luck contacting her. Please help!



    You simply have to wait for the response. Maybe she is busy

    I am sure giving out other people contact information is against WordPress privacy policy.


    I am not sure if she is an active blogger anymore, because i only see where she replied to comments from years ago and the recent ones only say awaiting moderation but are never posted.



    Hi im trying to log into my but when i log in it goes to which is another page i made on a differant email and i deleted that site but every time i reset the password it logs into the instead of please help ?




    If the other blogger is not approving or responding to your comments, there is nothing we can do about it. We cannot provide you with contact details for them under any circumstances.


    Please don’t post into old threads created by other users with a completely unrelated problem. You can start your own thread here and someone will reply to you there:

    If you’re having trouble accessing the other account you can see our account recovery options here:

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