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PLEASE HELP... frusterated and not sure what i'm doing wrong...

  1. hi,

    I need to upload photos into a post - every time i go to do this i click on:

    'New post' at the top of the screen next to 'My dashboard'
    then, I type in subject and text
    then i click on the little icon that says 'upload/insert' and i click on the one that says 'add an image'
    then i click on 'select files' (they are less than one GB)
    nothing happens AT ALL
    so i click on save all changes
    I can see 'media' it has the name of my file
    It says 'show' 'hide' 'order' and 'actions'
    but nothing else

    driving me INSANE
    I need to add photos asap

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds to me that your adobe flash might be out dated you can check → Here to see if it is... If that's not the problem then I recommend clearing your browsers cache and cookies More... info about this → Browser Issues

    Also what browser and version are you using when you try to upload images ?

    Also here is the support doc search results for: media...


  3. Tons of people are complaining about the image uploader; in fact, the latest version of Flash has a problem with it, so if you can go to the second-last version it would be better. In the meantime until it's fixed try hosting your images at Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or somewhere.

  4. Hmm I have the latest version of flash and the up-loader is working just fine maybe staff fixed that issue recently...

    Could it be a Java issue any ways you can Verify Your Java Version to make sure it's up to date...

    Browser plugins can sometimes get in the way of things working properly too...


  5. ya the flash image uploader gives trouble here, so i simlpy use the html uploader.

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