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PLEASE HELP - How do I add a sidebar to my wordpress website?

  1. informationwarfareblog

    I like this theme I am using but it doesn't seem to allow a side bar. I know it would fit and it would be great if there was a way to add one.

    It says the side bar is inactive. Is there a way too add a side bar anyway? Using a plugin maybe? I don't know how to add plug ins to my website.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plugins can't be used on blogs. And as far as I know the only place you can put widgets in Wu Wei is in the footer. The alternatives are to find a similar theme and customise it to the way you like it. Or move your blog to self-hosting and use the free WordPress software. Here's the differences between the two types of WordPress:

    If you do decide to use the self-hosted version, then you should ask your questions on their forums, not here:

    If you stay here... probably best to learn more about how you can use the blog you already have:

  3. Is there a way too add a side bar anyway?

    This isn't a plugin related issue. We cannot edit templates or themes and the CSS upgrade cannot be used to add a sidebar to pages which do not have one already. That would require hacking of the underling PHP script files, which we cannot do on free hosted blog .

  4. To choose another theme this will be helpful > sidebars and other widget areas

  5. informationwarfareblog

    I dont know if I mentioned I have wordpress pro.

    I just recently purchased it.

  6. Hi again,
    That's irrelevant. There is np upgrade you can purchase that changes anything stated here > and again here

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