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Please Help - I can't get the menu page tabs to show on website

  1. Help! I've been working on this 12 hours a day for the last 3 days and am about to lose my mind. I even had my daughter try to figure it out...and she's young. She was able to go right over to and set up a website in minutes. But not so with I paid the $99 for the full benefits and maybe that's the problem, giving too many options, but I have gotten nowhere. I'm about to scrap the whole WordPress idea and head somewhere else.

    I'm using the theme "Strange Little Town" and it shows several tabs at the top of the page. I can only get HOME and About the Author to show up. NOTHING else. I've tried forming other Pages and they show up in the section that says Show All Pages, but they aren't visible on the actual website. And yes, I am logged in. Can anyone help? Please???



  2. Yes, the likelihood is that you bought yourself too many options. But that doesn't mean you can't slowly ramp up to getting them all working.

    Start here:

    Now, go to your Dashboard->Pages and tell me, do those pages show as Draft or Published? What are the URLs (of the actual published pages, not the previews?)? Are you using Custom Menus? If so, you'll need to put the page links in by hand.

  3. Thank you, Raincoaster for responding. Here are the answers to your questions:

    I went to Dashboard>Pages, and I had clicked on the "Publish" options, but as Private while I'm trying to build this website. As for URL's? I don't really see any, but there's one in the "Get Shortlink" that I could use, but how do you enter them "by hand", as you say, and where do I enter it? There's also the long one in the address bar at the top of the page. ?? And yes, I think I'm using Custom Menus. That was one of the reasons I paid for that bundle package. :(


  4. If the pages are Private, they will only be seen on your dashboard, and only by you. That is why they're not on the header.

    You have the ability to use Custom Menus for free on any WP theme, but if you haven't created one, you're just using Standard Menu.

  5. I can see the page tabs on the main page when I'm logged in, and when I'm not, it comes up like Error 404, still showing the 2 tabs but no one but me can read them because of the temporary privacy setting. What I can't see is, more than those 2 tabs that I was trying to make in addition to the Home and About the Author. It cuts me off at those 2, not allowing anymore, when I build new pages.

    However, since our last correspondence, I've cancelled the $99 bundle hoping for simplicity, changed my user name to lighten my spirits, and although I am stuck with my paid domain name (missed the 48 hour deadline trying to get things figured out), I am thinking of deleting my website and just starting over with my domain name. I didn't have much on it to begin you well know. I'm still willing to give WordPress another try, but if I can't figure it out on the simplest level, I'm going to have to try an easier place to blog. Any thoughts?

  6. There's no reason to delete it if you have hte custom domain and like it.

    Have you read through the Learn guide whose link I gave you above? A lot of frustration can be averted by doing that. The number one mistake I see beginners making is keeping things private until everything is perfect, when they could learn much faster, better, and more enjoyably by just blogging instead of waiting till everything is "perfect."

    If you made those pages public, you wouldn't have this problem. Trust me.

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